The Dummies series is a quite popular set of books that explain how a person that is new too a particular thing can get started. Affiliate Marketing dummies can get a leg up on learning affiliate marketing in a safe environment with Wealthy Affiliate training. You probably aren’t dumb, just don’t yet have the skills you need.

The Wealthy Affiliate training makes it easy to get started on your Internet Journey. I’d like to show you just how easy this all can be.  Are you worried that you don’t have the skills to create a website?  I have helped many folks to get started using the tools at WA.

What’s Your Niche

Your first concern when starting a website and a campaign on the internet is  what will be your focus.  Affiliate Marketers call this a niche (pronounced nitch or neesh).There is a nice tutorial here that can help you decide what niche you would like to work with.  Just click on the picture to be taken to the tutorial within WA.

When you have determined your niche, you can get started with building your website.

Build a Website Fast

When the internet was new, even as recently as 2005, website creation forced you to understand code structure, be knowledgeable about how to lay out your site and still add good content to your site.  With the advent of WordPress and the modern release in 2010, the life of a site designer just became much easier.  You can create the bare bones of your site and get online in a matter of a few minutes.  You still need to write about your niche and add great content to your site but you no longer need a degree in computer science to build an excellent website.

Wealthy Affiliate has created a customized website builder that installs WordPress and several of the most important plugins that work in tandem with WordPress to add functionality to your site.  This creates a free site for you inside WA.  You actually can create 2 sites with your free membership.  Give it a try in the link below.

In a matter of a few minutes you have the basics down.  You have a bare bones site up on the internet and have an idea of what you will be working on.  From this point you will be adding content to your site and introducing your readership to your topic of choice.

Free Lifetime Starter Membership

Inside Wealthy Affiliate you will find a set of 10 courses that can be accessed from the Free Starter Membership (Getting Started Course) that will fill in the blanks for you.  This set of courses will teach you how to start your website, how to make money online and how to add quality content and determining some good themes for your site.

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If you found this helpful, please leave a comment below.  If I can answer a question about this or another aspect of Affiliate Marketing please ask below and I will answer it or direct you to a resource that will provide the answer.  Thanks for reading.


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