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Affiliorama Review

Review Author: Craig H

Review Date: March 20, 2013

 Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating Affiliorama Rating : 6/10

This company provides training for the new Affiliate Marketer.
It provides Training Packages at various levels depending on how quickly you would like to experience earnings.
The Packages include:
Affiliorama Premium
Each product is available with varying levels of usefulness and levels of training.
A free option is also available.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Useful Software packages tailored to the level that you are able to afford.
  • Many hours of useful information to get you started in affiliate marketing. Over 40 videos and tons of training in a well organized package.
  • Membership site that provides a weekly blog post focused on an aspect of marketing.
  • Free training to get you interested and ready to purchase.


  • Many of the techniques outlined are very dated material. These techniques that used to be effective are no longer.
  • The focus of these trainings will get you online but may not provide the viral component promised.
  • Expensive price for the training packages.

Affiliorama was my first exposure to Affiliate Marketing.  I joined to see what was available in the free area of this site.  I was quite impressed  by their offerings.

If you are looking for a package that will provide you with a turnkey system that  will get you online a short period of time this may be the product for you.

There are several packages available at Affiliorama that depend on the amount of commitment you would like to make.  The Affiliotheme is a product that will provide an online portal. The Affilioblueprint is a series of 40 videos and 12 training modules that will provide a a good series of training to get you started.

The Affiliojetpack is a series of squeeze pages and an email follow-up sequence that will help bring people to your site and help them to convert to customers.  And finally, Affiliopremium package as a membership package for 67 dollars a month that will provide you with a monthly training as well as the full access to their membership site. You get to choose how much money you are willing to spend and at what level of commitment you are willing to join.

I was put off by the constant push to upgrade to the next level.  Each time I wanted to progress, the training was only available for an additional cost.  These are called upsells and make the site feel like a scam to me.

This place is not all roses and frills.  You need to work at their system to make it work for you.  There are also many outdated tutorials and videos that worked at one time quite well.  Now, since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, are not very effective.

While there are many tutorials that are well worth your time, if  you are a new Affiliate Marketer, many of these will send you down the wrong path and may not provide the income stream that you are working toward.

Overall rank: 6/10

Verdict:  Use the free resources provided but with a grain of salt.  Paid service not recommended.

Annual Membership: $804.00

Check out my #1 Recommended Training

My recommendation is that you look at the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, if you are still curious after seeing what is available there, check out the free resources at Affiliorama.



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