Anthony MorrisonAnthony Morrison, you may have heard the name.  He’s a self-proclaimed Internet millionaire that has been running late night infomercials for quite a while.

Anthony Morrison is a Slick Advertiser

I have to admit I have been taken in by some of these myself.  In fact, I followed up on one after watching the Hansen report with Anthony Morrison.  In this infomercial, he was chatting with Mark Victor Hansen, the author of the best-selling line of chicken soup for the soul books.  I certainly was intrigued by what I saw, but at this point I hadn’t had any experience with online marketing. 

I had no idea what he was talking about.  In fact, at the end of all this, I still had no idea what he was talking about.  This is one of the indicators that you are being scammed.  Even after the presentation, you have no idea what the product does.

After the experience I had with signing up for this program and purchasing the book advertising profits from home, I was given the opportunity, in a phone call, to join his consulting program.  I even signed up for it, for a brief time.  I tried all the things that they suggested. I realized that it was going to cost an exorbitant amount of money and decided that maybe my money was spent better elsewhere.

Ready for the Boiler Room?

I have since learned that this sort of thing is called a boiler room experience.  It is a form of upsell that targets the unwary.  Essentially a boiler room is a group of high-pressure salesmen that are tasked with following up on any leads that are acquired from a lead source.  The lead source is typically an infomercial or an online video.

This, of course, was my first experience with online marketing and put a bad taste in my mouth.  Since that time I have done some extensive research and have actually located a place where you can learn to make legitimate money online, but more on that later.

Anthony and his Products

Let’s get back to Anthony Morrison.  When I was just starting out, I had no idea that you could use the Internet to identify Internet scams.  I certainly didn’t have any clue that Anthony Morrison was a serial scam artist.  He does however have an extensive resume with online scams.

He got started in 2008 when he released a book called the Hidden Millionaire. Here is a blurb from a news report, maybe I should say a fake news report, that’s part of the hype surrounding each of his releases. These are, of course, paid spots that are masked as real news. The book is simply a vehicle to get you to sign up online for his higher-priced products. Once they’ve determined that you have interest in making money online then you get turned over to the boiler room and you begin to be sold on higher-priced consulting, which is yet another way for them to take your money and provide no real value.


Since the release of The Hidden Millionaire, Anthony Morrison has released Advertising Profits From Home, Three Steps To Fast Profits, Anthony Morrison’s Mastery Level and Automated Profits From Home. Each of these seems to be released in March on successive years.  March is the time of year when people start worrying about taxes. They realize how overextended they are from Christmas and many other things that all seem to put pressure on the pocketbook and get people looking for a way to increase their income.

Online Training Products

The most recent spate of products has been online training products. These started with traffic With Anthony, Success With Anthony, followed by Success With Anthony 2.0 and included the Fast Traffic Sniper, which is supposedly a software package that will give you a leg up on the competition. His most recent release in March 2014 is Partner With Anthony.

With each of these, once you get in the front door, you are subjected to a series of one time offers each with a higher price point, culminating in the consulting program. Should you attempt to leave the site, you are presented with no less than 10 exit pop-ups.  These range from hosting to other products that are related. None these have any real value, should you decide to sign up, you are in the system. At some point you will be required to provide a phone number which will trigger the boiler room. You can expect frequent phone calls from Prosper Inc. trying to get you to sign up for the consulting program.

Are you starting to get the idea?

It makes no difference what product you buy from Anthony Morrison, you will eventually be funneled into the consulting program, which doesn’t really have a set price. The price can range from $5000-$7000, the price you end up paying is determined by the amount of money they have determined you will spend.

What does Anthony Morrison Teach?

What are these products?  They are training that will teach you CPV, PPV (CPV- cost per view, PPV- pay-per-view), or contextual online advertising. With a large enough budget and a good understanding of how these work, you can make money at these. The problem with the presentation he gives is that most of the people he’s targeting don’t have a full understanding of how the products work. He insists, with his training, anyone can learn. Essentially, you pay a network to display your ads based on how many views each get. If you are able to convert those into a sale, at a specific rate, you can make money. However, if you’re unable to convert or you convert at a rate lower than your cost, you can lose your shirt in a short period of time. The conversion process is via automated landing pages that are supplied by his company. The conversion rate of these has been shown to be dismal. Conversion is where you actually make the money, a poor conversion rate means you are losing money.

Contextual online advertising serves up ads based on the previous searches the person has done. In this case, you pay by the number of times that the ad is displayed. Typically this is in cost per thousand. Again, you need to have a targeted campaign. It needs to be closely monitored and if your conversions do not exceed the cost, you will be behind the eight ball. In other words, even the products that he presents can cost you money, a lot of money.

Partner with Anthony- The Latest Version

Here is a brief Partner with Anthony review that gives you an idea of the product.

The Partner with Anthony product teaches you to do solo ads and once they’ve shown you how this works, they move over into joint ventures and creating a list of people that you can sell to over and over again. While creating a list is a good idea, in order to make solo ads work effectively, you need to already have a list. If you’re starting out from nothing, you won’t have a list. With no list you have very little opportunity to make a profit.  

As I watched the sales video for Partner with Anthony, I looked to see what it included. He has a section that talks about paid traffic. This is not a scammy technique and is taught at Wealthy Affiliate. It does work but can be expensive if you don’t do it correctly. It is not a free technique.  

Next he talks about Solo Ads.  This is another technique that some people have used to make money.  Many of the Solo Networks have been hurt by programs such as Partner with Anthony. This makes it very difficult to join the legitimate Solo Networks.  

Finally, he talks about “getting in front of” other advertisers. This is a technique that is called Click Jacking. It is blackhat and will get you banned by all of the search engines. It isn’t technically against the law but it is against the terms of service of your Web Hosting. Do it and loose your site. He includes a product, “his personal software”, that makes this easy. Is this something that you want to be doing? I would not recommend that you do.

What About his Support and Money Back Guarantee

In my experience, support from Anthony is a joke. He offers the consulting but if you don’t take him up on the expensive package, you are on your own. If you want to talk to Anthony himself? Not ever going to happen. There are levels and levels of people between you and him. He is a marketer, not a trainer. His staff takes care of that.

The money back guarantee is another thing that is ephemeral. You can search online and find hundreds of complaints indicating that even when people tried to get a refund it was ignored or they were given a reason why their refund options had expired.

Here is one sample of the process as explained by one customer.

“I went little further than that. I managed to avoid the unlimited upsells. But I filled the form with my phone number. I received a phone call from a guy who assessed my current financial status, then passed on to another guy who gave me insight about 1 on 1 coaching in my success. Then he passed me to another guy from finance who said the 1 on 1 coaching will cost me anything between $5000 – $7000. They will make 5 landing pages for me and host in the server for me. When I said it was one of their upsale and asked what else I will receive and they said 1 on 1 coaching. I refused to accept that offer and they hung up on me straight way.”

Leave the Scams Behind- Find a Legitimate Choice

The form of advertising that I have found that does work is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is similar to the old traveling salesman model translated into a digital experience.  Companies that you have created an affiliate relationship with will pay you a commission based on any sales that you bring in from your website. But this means I have to learn how to create a website?  Yes.  But as technology has advanced, it has become quite simple to create your online presence. Wealthy Affiliate has extensive training that will teach you how to get your website online and how to help people find your products. There are no shady sales tactics taught, everything is legitimate. Even spam is actively removed from the site. This is a good place to learn Affiliate Marketing. The best choice in my opinion.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate different? It’s an online community. While the owners that created the site are often present to help people learn, and have created much of the training, the real power of this website and the community is to provide ongoing support for members.

It’s a refreshing experience to find an online membership community where there are no upsells.  You pay one monthly or yearly fee for a Premium Membership.  This gives you access to everything inside Wealthy Affiliate.  There is even a free starter membership that will allow you to get your feet wet and decided if this is actually a place where you feel comfortable learning.

I’ve selected Anthony Morrison’s partner with Anthony to provide you with a comparative chart so you can see the features with each system.

 Wealthy Affiliate provides training that won’t get you in trouble, will provide a safe community that will help and teaches the correct way to do what Anthony teaches. All this for a much lower price, no upsells and in an environment that provides 24/7 support in all timezones.

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