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Owner:  They say the owner is Giovani Leoni and his wife Tessa.  (These are actors) Actually, this is yet another scam from  Ronnie Montano.

Price: Intro Price $49..Downsell 1  $39, Downsell 2: $19, Downsell 3: $9

Rating:  20 of 100

What the Heck is this Auto Mobile Code All About?

According to the promo videos, this will make you money automatically.  With about 5 minutes  of setup time the software will make you money totally on autopilot.

Have you heard this before?  I know I have.  In fact, this is a fresh launch of the Mobile Money Code.  See the Review Here

I didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now.

This system takes an affiliate offer and passes them to your cellphone via SMS (Short Message Service) also known as text messages.  Have you received one of these on your cell phone?  I have.  What is your response?  In my case, I see a message from a number that I don’t know.  I do open it.  Realize its spam on my phone and delete it.

Is this something that you would open?  According to these folks thousands of people open them and click through to the offer.  NOT.

Did You Watch The Video?

I did, guess what, at the end of the video, after they show 3 people making $290, $360 and $590 while setting it up and going to lunch, they helped another actress cover the rent.

Finally, they tell you that you can have this code for free.  Yup, they give you the code.  One hitch though, you have to sign-up for the support package that costs $49.  Hmm, free isn’t really free.  Who would have guessed.

Its really too bad that these results aren’t typical.  If they were, this would be a good product.

What are the real costs?

One issue with this that you will need to have a list.  This program sends out text messages to cell phones to get people to click through to the offers.  If you have no list, you will need to create one.  Without a list, you will bring in no conversions (buyers).  It won’t be until you have created this large group of people that you can make any real money at this.  How do you make your list?  It starts by getting people to opt in to your offer.  You do this by enticing them online to enter their cell number.

I don’t know about you but, I don’t give out my phone number to anyone online, ever.  You too will find that growing and building a list is the most difficult part of this endeavor.

You will spend an inordinate amount of time on the front end of this building your list.  Until this happens, your income will be non-existent.

SMS services charge by the text sent.

While inside the Auto Mobile Code presentations, you will find a service that is used to send the texts that you will need to make your money.  There are several tiers to their plan.  The lowest level that I could identify cost for provided from 0 to 5000 texts for $300.  So for every 5000 texts, you pay $300.00.  You will need to make the offers that you send exceed the cost of the SMS service before you make anything at all.  You will need to have this money up front before you can even think about starting.  So now, your $9.00 investment become $309.00.  That is of course amplified if you send more than 5000 texts.  This system is of course a numbers game.  More offers sent, more potential for income.

Is the Auto Mobile Code on the Level?

I found this product while perusing the Joint Ventures promotion sites. These sites are set up to present a new launch to affiliates that will promote a product.  This product was heavily shopped as a joint venture.  This means that there is an army of people out on the internet and in your emails that are pushing this product heavily.

If you do a close look at the sales video and scroll down to the fine print at the bottom of the page you will see some illuminating information.

The main points that should be pulled from this are:

  • You have no guarantee that you will make any money from this product.
  • The results shown in the sales video are not typical results.
  • Actors were used in the sales video
  • The typical user does not make any money from this system!

If the sales video makes claims that aren’t true, does this bode well for the product?  I reviewed the original program from which this program was derived.  (Mobile Money Code)  This program used different actors but had a similar direction.  We can make you tons of money in no time at all.  All we need is a small down payment to get you into the system.(Apply Sarcasm here)

What are the Alternatives?

Your best bet is to abandon the idea that you can make online cash completely on autopilot.  Any of the software offerings that tell you they can make you money overnight are bound to be selling you a story.  It will probably be a very good story.  When you can tell a story as well as these online scam artists, then you will have started on the road to riches.

It takes time to earn a living online.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  Finding a legitimate training course that doesn’t sell you the idea of overnight richest will be the safest way to achieve your goals.  I have found that affiliate marketing done correctly will get you to the point of earning a consistent income from each website that you create.  Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all of the training that you need to make the leap.  Here is a breakdown of all of the features that you will find inside this training site.

While the Auto Mobile Code does offer you a way to reach their support, inside WA you will get support directly from the owners. The community will also provide you with answers almost as fast as you can ask your question.

So, if you want to take a chance that the Auto Mobile Code, will make you money, then go ahead and give it a try. When you are satisfied that they were there to take your money and provided a product that makes them money, them come back to Wealthy Affiliate and learn the best way to make a living online.

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