How to Add a WordPress Plugin

WordPress PluginsFor a new user, WordPress plug-ins can be a bit of a challenge.  There is a lot of information out there regarding plug-ins.  Many people want to offer you suggestions on the best plug-ins to use, others will tell you that you should only load a certain number of plug-ins. But the biggest problem is that people don’t understand how to add a WordPress plug-in to their site.

*Learn how to Add a WordPress Plugin*

What is a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins Inside WordPress, a plugin is a program, written in a language called PHP, that provides additional functionality to your website. Developers can program a plugin to do pretty much anything that you desire.

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The CanvaKala Plugin Scam

CanvaKala Product ImageThere was a recent product launch for the product called CanvaKala.  This plug-in for WordPress, is touted as being Photoshop for WordPress.  In this CanvaKala review, I will offer and unbiased opinion as to how well it performs.

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