What is Digital Altitude, A Scam Hiding in Plain Sight

What is Digital Altitude?Digital Altitude is the company behind a product offering called Aspire. I was completely amazed at how closely this product parallels the product offerings from the now-defunct Empower Network. Sadly, I see many offerings showing up for products that have the distinction of being designed like the Empower Network.

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The CanvaKala Plugin Scam

CanvaKala Product ImageThere was a recent product launch for the product called CanvaKala.  This plug-in for WordPress, is touted as being Photoshop for WordPress.  In this CanvaKala review, I will offer and unbiased opinion as to how well it performs.

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What’s the Herbalife Scam

Herbalife BuildingHow has a brand that was once well respected fallen so far.

Now, Herbalife is widely considered to be a scam.

What’s the Herbalife scam all about and why does it have such a bad reputation.

Is the product at fault or is it the marketing that is the problem?

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