How to Find a Good WordPress Theme

WordPress Tutorial LogoWordPress has a library of free themes in their database that is accessible from inside a WordPress installation.  Many of these themes are quite nice and provide you with a good user experience.  Others of these have not been kept up to date and won’t work well with the current version of WordPress.  How can you tell if you have chosen one of the good themes or one of the bad?

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WordPress Tutorials | The Settings Menu

The Settings MenuThis WordPress tutorial looks at the Settings menu.  When you are setting up your site for the first time,  you need to look at how you want your site to perform.  The settings can be adjusted to make you site easy to use for your readers and easy to maintain for you.

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WordPress Tutorials | The Post Editor

The Post EditorHere is the last tutorial in the WordPress Editor series.  In this tutorial I go over the special features that are available in the Post Editor.  When deciding either to use a Page or a Post, look at the nature of the content.  If this is content that won’t change such as your About Me page, or your Privacy Policy, these are things that are better provided in the Pages.  For other content, Post are a better choice.  Posts can be categorized, and can be searched via their tags. This tutorial will look at these features.

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WordPress Page Editor: Formatting your Page

Formatting your PageThe last few tutorials have been all about how the formatting works.  I thought it might be helpful to show you a real world example.  In this tutorial I walk through how to format a page and add headings to the page.  At the end of the article, I show you how to add a link inside your page that will take you to another website.

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The WordPress Page Editor | Part 2

The WordPress Page Editor Part 2The WordPress page editor is where you will go to add pages to your WordPress site.  This tutorial shows you how to get around on the WordPress Editor, how to publish your page and the options in the publishing box on the editor.


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