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A Reintroduction to Click Funnels and a New Version 2.0

I recently came across a notification that Click Funnels is about to release and upgrade.  My guess is that Russell Brunson just didn’t make enough money on the first round.  I wanted to see what this was all about, and I checked into the click funnels 2.0 re-release.

So while they’re calling this version 2.0 it’s essentially the same product with a few added features.  The base product still remains the same.  The base product is software that simplifies the creation of a sales funnel.  It’s basically a set of templates contained inside a software product. I did a Click Funnels Review back almost exactly a year ago, which you can review here.

The new features are an affiliate program that they’re calling backpack, and an email autoresponder.  Of course, to get you into this high-priced program they offer a six month trial.

Click Funnels Review the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

  • The software provides a quick way to set up a sales funnel.
  • The templates provide you with a simplified system with the various types of funnels, you may wish to create.

The Bad

  • I inherently have a problem with the model that uses. While funnels are necessary evil in the Internet marketing space, formalizing up sells and down sells into a system reeks of scam.
  • The pricing is still out of reach for most new marketers.
  • The result will be a canned system that will have no unique user experience. It will look like everything else out there.
  • All the templates use a flat design, they look boring and unappealing.

The Ugly

  • Russell Brunson is known for scammy products. I have reviewed several of them.  Russell started his empire with Dot Com secrets, then he re-released this with Dot Com secrets X, last year on September 23, he released the original for this product.  He has a history of milking a product for all it’s worth.
  • The product is being promoted by several of the big names in the scam market, Matt Callen who is known for his disappointing product traffic recon, and Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins who I have also mentioned in my post on Internet scammers.

Click Funnels Tools and Training

The click funnels product does have good training included.  There are a series of training videos that should help you get up and running in a fairly short time.  As this is a tool itself, there really aren’t any additional tools available with the product.  With version 2.0. There are two additional modules that have been added to the product itself.

Russell has added an affiliate network that they’re calling backpack.  This appears to be a JV network that he has organized around the use of this product.

There is also a autoresponder product.  The main selling point for this seems to be that they make it easy to format your emails to make them attractive.  Of course all of his templates are flat and fairly attractive to start with, so how well this works remains to be seen.

Click Funnels Support

From what I can ascertain, support is seriously lacking with this product.  Of course if you want to sign up for their premium phone support can get all the help you need, at a significant cost.  If you’re not planning on embracing this fully and just want to use the tools, you’re only support will come in the form of the video training.

Click Funnels Pricing

Click Funnels is currently offered at two different price levels:

  • $97 per month with a free two-week trial.  This allows you to have up to 20 funnels with 100 pages, but limits you to 20,000 visitors.
  • $297 per month with the free two-week trial.  This level allows 70 funnels and 300 pages and limits you to 100,000 visitors.  This level includes a priority phone support as well as priority template requests if you find that the templates don’t meet your needs.
  • The new Click Funnels 2.0 will be offered at $997.  It is unclear at this time whether this is a one time offer or will provide the software and a years worth of access.

Final opinion

I won’t be buying this product.  I create funnels in my job as an Internet marketer, but I am more focused on helping my readers to make good decisions than I am on developing up sells and down sells and creating a funnel that extracts the most financial gain from my readers.

There is an entire subculture that has been developed just to maximize the extraction of funds from the unsuspecting.  This product falls into that category.  I know that I am tired of seeing people taken.  This product provides a way for the scammers and spammers to create maximum profit.

I guess it’s a mindset that I learned over at Wealthy Affiliate, there is plenty of opportunity to earn a good living providing good, legitimate services online.  I think it’s better to help people to learn to do it the correct way.  People are tired of being taken for a ride.

When I look at the cost of an annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate, which is roughly 1/3 of the cost of this product, and half of their monthly product, and then I look at all the training that’s available, I don’t think there’s really any comparison.  I have however created this chart that lays out what you get with both programs.

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