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Release Date: September 23, 2014

Price: $39, $97, $197, $297

Owner: Russel Brunson

Overall Rank: 40/100

Overview of Click Funnels

Click Funnels is a software and template product that helps people to create a set of sales pages.  These sales pages are the typical pages for various types of sales funnels.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Landing Page with Opt-in

 A typical online sales sequence takes a rather specific format.  First, a visitor is subjected to a landing page.  If they have clicked on an ad, they will arrive at a brief overview of the product and the hype surrounding the product  is initiated.  The landing page will culminate in an opt-in form.  The opt-in form is the first place where a product marketer can get  the email address and perhaps a name for the prospective customer. The key with the design of the landing form and opt-in form is to create excitement about the product.  Good, solid, copywriting will provide this excitement.

Sales Page

Now that the opt-in has occurred and the prospect has provided an email, the sales funnel displays the sales page.  Here, the prospect is sold on the product.  this is typically another landing page style page.  There is one decision for the prospect to make, this is the decision to buy.

Thank-You Page

When the sale is made, you will be taken to a page where you are thanked for your purchase.  On this page there are typically instructions to go to your email and click on the link provided to activate your product.  This also serves as the place where a double opt-in occurs.  By law, each person needs to double opt-in to an email list.  Yes, you activated the product and in the fine print accepted the double opt-in to be put on the mailing list. Often you will go to the product, more often you will be subjected to Upsells at this point(See Below).


If a sale doesn’t occur, the prospect is directed to a downsell item.  Typically this takes the form of a discount or a slimmed down product.  Often, the discount is provided on the first downsale and a stripped down product is offered when the discount does not provide enough of an incentive to buy.


Once the prospect has taken advantage of your low priced entry product, and has completed the sign-up, it is time to see if you can bleed them a bit.  This is where the upsells begin. After the first sales page, the prospect (yup, still a prospect,they haven’t bought in to the top tier yet) gets to buy yet another product.  This is usually cloaked in additional services or an enhanced or satellite product that will make life easier.  There are usually two upsells.  Why not, you have the fish on the hook, might as well set the hook and get ’em to the net, right?  Besides, if they get to the product before they are out of the mood to buy, we might just lose part of the opportunity (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?)

Good Points

  • Provides a fast and easy way to set up multiple types of customer funnel.
  • Shortens the development time by including integration into a single software.

Bad Points

  • Pricing plans are out of reach for new marketers
  • Entry Level Plan provides 5 funnels and none of the features that you really need.
  • This product provides templates but the copywriting is still your responsibility.
  • There is nothing here that can’t be found online for a much lower cost.

Who will Benefit from the Click Funnels Product

The Click Funnels Product provides automation to set-up a templated funnel system to enable a site to make a sale more quickly and with lower development costs than a do-it-yourself application.  This is designed to be used by lazy marketers that want a shortcut to earnings. New folks to this style of advertising may find it tempting (don’t fall for it), Intermediate users may find that it offers some promise.  If you are an advanced user, this will help you to get the funnel set up more quickly (If you like the dark side of Online Marketing).  You do still need to understand how a funnel works, what makes a good funnel and how to provide good copywriting skills to get the job done.  None of this is done for you.  This product is simply a collection of templates that will simplify your workload.

What’s Inside Click Funnels

 There are 7 types of funnels you can create with Click Funnels.  

  1. Opt-in Funnels
  2. Webinar Funnels
  3. Auto Webinar Funnels
  4. Sales Funnels
  5. Membership Funnels
  6. Product Launch Funnels
  7. Custom Funnels

Each has a similar but targeted audience and a similar structure, only the templates change for these.  There are also tools such as A/B testing pages, and of course various sales, opt-in forms, upsell and downsell pages etc.

You won’t get access to much of this at the lowest price level, of course everything is available at the $297/month level.  So, if you are ready to spend just shy of $3600 per year, hey go for it.

Is There Support?

There is a support system in place, there are bugs in this system that they are diligently trying to remedy.  The product is new so there had better be a support system in place.  Of course, phone support is only available at the top tier.

Is it Worth the Price?

I have found that I am able to create and integrate everything that this system provides at a price point around the price of one month of this system.  

Do I think it is worth it?  

No, its not!

The first problem that I have with this system is that everything it provides is readily available for someone that has done their due diligence.  If you want shortcuts, you will get what you pay for.  You will find that using this system will paint a Google target on your back.  The next Panda or Penguin update will wipe out any progress that you have made.  If you don’t rely on Google for traffic, well this might be worth it but it goes against everything that legitimate marketers stand for.

Final Opinion

While this product does what it intends to do, my main problem with this system is that it helps people to create scams.  The funnel that it provides assumes that you will want to maximize the sales from a prospect.  This says to me that you have no respect for the client, you are just out to separate them from their cash.

This makes sense given the Scammy Marketer that is producing this product.  He subscribes to P.T. Barnum’s philosophy:  There’s a sucker born every minute.  This product helps people capitalize on that.  I would like to tell you, this philosophy is only good for short term gains.  If done right, you can make a profit.  Often, you will end up spending hours and days setting something up only to fail to recoup your costs.

It is better to create a product and an open funnel that helps people to make a choice that is right for them.  Don’t treat them like lambs to be led to the slaughter.  Create a long lasting relationship with your customers.  This is the way to make a huge sustainable profit online.


I can’t call this a scam as the product does what it is marketed to do.

I can call this a really bad idea.  It is overpriced, overhyped and presents a picture of the Online Marketing Profession that needs to be removed from the Internet.

Rating: 40/100   Not Recommended

Recommended Product

I would like to show you a better way to market on the internet.  Create a product that you are proud of, something that makes people talk about you in a positive light.

Give people a way to communicate with each other in a helpful manner and teach them what they need to know in a legitimate scam and spam free atmosphere.

One such place is Wealthy Affiliate.  When you visit, you will find an atmosphere that not only provides a full set of marketing tools, but has created an environment where the members help each other to get ahead on the internet. If you are needing to create a funnel to market your products or are helping people to find affiliate offers that they need, you will find the training here.  There is one price, $49/month that opens up the entire membership site.  There are some small incidental ( less than $15.00/ year) costs to get a site online but hosting is covered in the membership price for an unlimited number of sites.  This alone is worth the monthly fee.  Here is a breakdown of what you can expect at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will get you moving in the right direction to create a sustainable online business that you can be proud of.

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