While in Facebook today I came across the Earn 4 Share Scam.  Its actually called Earn4Share but is a definite scam.

Since I was in the mode to test and review this product, I clicked through to test it out.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

This product is not just a bad idea, the Earn4Share site is dangerous to your computer.

I reached this product through the Facebook page. (Not going to provide the link as this link contains viruses)

As you can see from the report below, this site is riddled with viruses.  Are they in fact real.  Some are probably real viruses, some are probably the actual surveys that are offered on the site.  You will find that mining is going on with these sites.  Mining?  Yes, when you are logged in, most of these surveys are tracking you.  They will mine your email and sell it to a list.  This is how most of these operations work.

Earn4Share Threat Report


What Does it Do?

The Earn 4 Share program is a survey for pay system.  You do surveys and supposedly earn for each survey that you complete.  You will accrue money in your account.  The problem comes when you try to cash them out.  You don’t get paid.  The transfer is bogged down for some reason or the credits appear to have disappeared.  The bottom line is that you will find it quite difficult to get any money or gift cards etc. out of the system.

The Survey for Pay Market in General

One of the ways that survey for pay sites work is that they offer you money in exchange for filling out and completing offers.  When you do this, two things are happening, first, the sites with the offers are collecting your email.  They have, by virtue of your actions, determined that you are ripe for the picking.  You become identified as someone that may be responsive to some of the other products that these sites provide.  You will find your inbox starts to fill up with all sorts of internet marketing products.  This happens because the real money that these sites make is through their customer mining operation.  They collect email lists of possible prospects (you) and then market aggressively hoping that something they offer will hit a nerve and you will buy their product.

Another catch with these sorts of sites is that often, you are tasked with CPA activities.  Cost per Action tasks have you completing a specific task where the advertiser gets paid when someone fulfills the action.  These can be small tasks such as filling out an email or full blown sign-ups.  If you sign-up for something, you need to be very careful to check the terms and conditions of the offer.  You may find yourself charged if you don’t complete the unsubscribe sequence in a specific time frame, keeping close track of all the offers that you have completed and all of the specific times that you need unsubscribe can become a nightmare.  You need to be very organized, keep immaculate records and notes of what needs to be completed and in what time frame.

Inevitably, you will make a mistake and get charged.  When this happens any profit you have accrued goes right out the window.

What Sort of Pay Rate Can You Expect

Completing Surveys and CPA tasks takes time.  If you are quite efficient and persistent, you can complete a task or survey in 5 to 10 minutes each.  Navigating the site to the next item takes another few minutes.  If you are lucky you can finish anywhere from 5 to 15 of these an hour.  Each may be worth $1.00.  Sometimes you may pull in as much as $2.00.  So if you can do this frequently and efficiently, you are making anywhere from $5 to $20 per hour.  If you can maintain the higher rate, this can be worthwhile.  You will probably average on the low side.

The payment for these is typically via gift cards.  These will be made available when you reach a threshold.  That is if you have found a good company that actually pays out.

An Alternative to Survey Sites

I have found that in order to earn online income, you need to develop a portfolio that has passive income coming in.  I do this by creating websites and helping people to answer their questions.  When I add affiliate product offerings, the sites generate income.  

I provide the reader of my site with information that they need and often am able to recommend a product that will solve their problem.  This is a win-win situation.  I can spend some time getting a site running and creating the answers that people need, then let the site do the work for me.  Often, work that I have done 6 or more months in the past will continue to generate income for me with no additional input.

When I started to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing, I had no idea how to build a website or how Affiliate Marketing worked.  I was able to find a community of people that were all learning this discipline at the same time. I found that the training and tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate enabled me to build an attractive website easily and quickly.

The chart above shows the features of Wealthy Affiliate. Earn 4 Share does not provide any of the benefits that you can find with Wealthy Affiliate.  In fact, if you do find a way to join Earn 4 Share, you will be visiting the PC repair shop to have the virus’ removed from your computer.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training community that will help you to learn to build websites, learn what Affiliate Marketing is all about and move you into the exciting world of online earning.  It can be a bit difficult when you are starting.  There is a lot to learn.  The tutorials and training is designed in a coherent and comprehensive manner that will walk you through the hard parts and explain in detail the concepts that you need.  On top of that, there is a community that will provide you with an experience that I have yet to find anywhere else on the Web.

Give it a try, you will be glad you did.


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