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Party While the Sun is Shining

Ok, so school’s almost done. You get to take the next 2 months off.  Yeah, right.  It’s time to find a summer job.  You can take the traditional route get a lifeguard certification and spend the whole summer in the sun, walking on the beach.  Sounds good doesn’t it.

I did that for 3 summers while I was in college.  It was a great party but  by the end of the summer, there wasn’t a place on my body that wasn’t sunburned.  I was in great shape because they made us run around the pond every day to keep fit and I even met some really cute day camp counselors.  The problem was each Friday, the paycheck didn’t go very far, and I was saving most of it for books and tuition.  This barely left me enough to have a good time.

One year, I even bussed tables at night just to bring in an extra bit of cash so I could enjoy the weekend with my friends.  I was so tired that I never got out.  I was sleepwalking through the whole summer.

Affiliate Marketing

My Junior year in school, I found the internet and got involved with a place that teaches Affiliate Marketing.  I started doing it just before finals and spent most of the summer getting a site online and learning how to actually make money on the internet.  I was able to sit on my back porch with a nice breeze and really enjoy what I was doing.  I didn’t get much sleep that summer either but it was because this online stuff was so exciting.  I was making more by writing about stuff I liked than I ever made before even with 2 jobs.


The GoPro Hero 3 Camera

You may be wondering what Affiliate Marketing is.  It is promoting products that are related to what you are  writing about.  That year, I had a new GoPro camera.  This thing is bullet proof, waterproof and can go just about anyplace.  I took it all over with me that summer and took some great pics.  Then I shared my experiences with folks on the internet.  Everybody wanted one of these things.

GoPro | A Great Little Camera

One of the great things that came out of this was that when the summer was over, I didn’t have to stop doing this stuff.  I was the boss.  I just kept doing it when I got back to school.  I was on the Ultimate Frisbee team that year and one practice I even made a chest harness and left the camera on for the whole practice.  I got some great shots.  I had to clean the lens a couple of times and it did get in the way of my shots a couple of times but mostly it was worth it.

The way Affiliate Marketing works is you sign up with an affiliate program.  You choose a product or some related products and make them available to the folks that read your blog.  Then, when someone clicks on the link a cookie is set that tells the affiliate program where the customer came from.  If they buy, you get a percentage of the sale.

If you click on the picture of the GoPro camera, you will see this in action.  You will be taken to Amazon to the GoPro page.  If you buy, I get a commission on that sale.  The nice thing about Amazon is that if someone uses your link to get to them and then buys something else, you get the commission on that other something.  Not all programs do this but Amazon does.

If you are interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing and how to make money online legitimately, have a look at Wealthy Affiliates.  They will teach you how to set up a site and get it found.  There is even a free Starter Membership so if you are strapped for cash, you can get started on your online education for free.  Make sure you say hi to me when you get there.  My name in there is Labman.


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