The Google Adwords keyword tool can help you identify the keywords specific to a niche. Niche research will be faster when this tool is used. A targeted keyword can be obtained and a tightly focused site can be created by using the Adwords keyword tool.

The Google adword keyword tool allows you to identify keywords in a niche by providing alternatives to your search term. The object of your research should be a finely tuned focused buyers keyword. When people use this keyword they are late in the buyer’s cycle and are ready to spend money. To get to this buyer’s keyword the adwords tool can be used.

Choose a general keyword, enter it into the adword keyword tool and check the results. Look at the search volume and results to identify where people are spending their money. Using this new information drill down into the keywords, add a term here and there to refine your search. After about 3 iterations of this process you should have identified a good keyword that has people searching for it, it is focused on your buying terms and is relevant to your subject. This is your ideal keyword.

Competition is concern for any keyword that you select in this way. If you type the keyword into a Google search, you will get a number of competing sites. Unfortunately, this number is not entirely accurate. To get the number of competing sites, go to the bottom of the Search results and select the last page. Repeat this until you have found the last page of the results. This will be a more accurate number of competing sites than the one displayed on the first page of the results. A good rule of thumb for a search term is to have more than 1000 searches per month and competition lower than 5000. This will provide a search term that has a good chance to get searched and get good rankings for the search term.

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