How to Make Money Selling OnlineThere are many ways to earn a few dollars on the Internet.  You can create your own handcrafts and sell them on Etsy, you can sell the contents of your attic on E-Bay. These will get you a few dollars and maybe help you to make ends meet.  I would like to help you take it to the next level and teach you how to make money selling online.

Find a Product

You  can make money with just about anything that you choose to promote online.  Internet Marketers call this finding a niche.  A niche market is a small segment of a larger market.

How do you find a niche to promote?  The first thing you should look at is what is it that you like.  As you promote your niche you will be writing a lot of content on your subject.  If you have an interest in your topic it will be easier for you to write on your topic.

Lets look at a topic.  First Pull up a site called Lets say you are interested in Kayaking.  Go to Outdoors, select Canoe and Kayaking then select Kayaking.  On this page is a list of Kayaking related information.

You can get lots of ideas on how to narrow down your Kayaking niche on these pages.  There are even forums listed.  If you want to see what Kayakers are talking about joining a few of these forums will help you to narrow your focus.

Research your market

Kayak into the Sunset

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Once you have an idea and a small market that you are looking for, you need to understand what it is that people are looking for in this niche.  With our Kayaking niche.  Are people looking to buy a new Kayak?  What features are they looking for.  Do people want to go to a specific place with their Kayak?  Kayaking destinations and trips can be a nice niche for some people.

Find out what people are looking for.  Connect with your audience and see what sort of questions they are asking.  Forums are a great way to do this.  Sign up for a few forums that are related to your topic and see what people are talking about.

Go online or to the library and find the answers to their problems and present them with a solution to their problems.  You can even pop over to a store that sells Kayaks, ask the salespeople questions, they can be a wealth of information.  It is a simple as that, help people to find what they want and you will do well online.

Keywords, Competition

Once you have your audience identified the way to get people to come to visit you is to find some keywords that they are looking for.  Ideally these should be something that people are looking for but don’t have a huge amount of other sites that are promoting the same terms.

Jaaxy LogoA keyword search utility will help you to find the terms that people are looking for.  I like to make sure that there are at least 50 monthly searches and a number of competing sites less than 300.  A good keyword tool such as the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool or Jaaxy will provide a good indication of the search volume and competing sites.

The beauty of keywords is that if you search for a term, write relevant content around that keyword, Google will choose many related keywords for you and provide relevant traffic even though you are not targeting those specific keywords.  The search engines identify your relevant topic and will help you to get your site in front of those looking for your information.

Find an Affiliate Program

If you would like to make money on your site, an affiliate program is your means to do this.  There are hundreds of affiliate programs available.  The most visible program is, other large ones are Commission Junction and ShareASale.  Many manufacturers will maintain their own affiliate programs.

The Affiliate program will pay you a percentage of their sale whenever your site directs a buyer to their site.  Tracking cookies are used to identify when your site provides a visitor to the affiliate.  Cookies can be maintained for life with some programs, others have varying time that maintain a cookie.  Check with your Affiliate program to see how long a cookie is active for your program.

To locate an affiliate program, just type your main keyword the plus character and the words Affiliate Program.  For our Kayak example the search term would look like this.  Kayak + Affiliate Program.  This will return several affiliate programs that you could sign-up with to promote Kayak related products.

Build a Website

When you have all of your preliminary work complete, it is time to build a website or blog to put your information out there for everyone to see.

Wordpress logoYou can buy a URL (website address) and find hosting somewhere to do this, then learn to build a site on any number of development platforms, or you can install WordPress.  This is an easy Content Management System (CMS) that will provide a quick and easy place to add your content.

For more information on how to build a website, Click on the Logo on the right.

Where to Learn

You can learn all about how to make a living online from Wealthy Affiliates.  Here you will learn online marketing from the ground up.

Website creation is easy with their free tools and you get 2 free sites just for signing up. Niche research tutorials are available so that you can zero in on a profitable niche in no time at all.

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