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If you are like me then you went to college to pursue your dreams, you aren’t really sure what they are but it is a chance to get away from home and get started on your new life. Then the reality sets in, you need to work while you are in school to make ends meet.  You probably even have some financial aid, that means you are working for the school in a menial job like cooking in the college snack bar or checking out books in the library.  There is a better way with online jobs.  College students can earn a pretty good living by blogging. You can certainly bring in enough to help with tuition and get some spending money too.

Your Online Anyway, Might as Well Make it Work For You

College Student jobs are just that, just over broke.  I bet you would like something that could provide your book allowance and have cash left for an occasional pizza.  With an online job you can make all of this happen.

Is this traditional employment, not even close. You don’t trade your time for cash.  What you do is make a website (it isn’t as hard as you think) and provide people with help.  That really is the bottom line.  Included in your site you provide products that you are affiliated with and get a commission when people buy your recommendations.

You can do this with just about any topic that you are interested in. Internet marketers call this a niche.  You will want to narrow this down to a small part of the big topic.  Then you focus on what you can do to help people in this part.

Are you into skateboarding?  Can you talk about skateboarding tricks?  Skateboarding is a big niche, tricks is a bit smaller and more targeted.  How about MMORPGs. Think there are others out there with similar interests?  Pick a game you are good at and help others to get good at the game.  The possibilities are endless.

Earn While You Learn

The best part, this can be done around all the other stuff you are doing.  Or you can jump in with both feet and actually make a full time living at this stuff.  You can actually pay your tuition and have money left over if you find the right niche.

The owners at Wealthy Affiliate actually started their business while still in college.  In fact, it did so well that they never finished school and are doing this full time and have been since 2005.

Wealthy Affiliates makes it easy for you to get started with a free online Starter Membership.  You learn how to get a site up, how affiliate marketing works and how to start bringing in traffic.

You can make a few bucks, or pay off your tuition and have a long term business for the rest of your life.  Do you want to give it a shot?


Leave me a message in the comments if you have any questions that you would like answered.

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