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Instant Payday Network PayPal GraphicWebsite:
Price:      Free

Owner:    Jeff Buchanan

Overall Rank:  30/100

Note: The promotional video only shows images of the PayPal network, there is no branding associated with the product.  This does not instill confidence with me. It should be a red flag with you if you are considering this system.

The Instant Payday Network is a new product that is out on the internet that professes to make you money on the internet using an offer model.  What is an offer model you ask?  This is a technique in which you sign up to watch and test products on the internet.

Each offer has its own costs associated with it, each will require you to sign-up to their network and each will provide you with a product or service to try out.  You get paid by the network when you complete the task.  How do you know when you have completed a task?  Read the terms of service for the offer.  Sound simple right?

Is Instant Payday Network Hard to do?

No actually the Instant Payday Network isn’t very difficult.  If you are organized and can read the terms of service and follow directions very carefully, then this system may work out for you.

Instant Payday Network Sign-up

The IPN sign-up is simple to do and it will cost you nothing to get in the door.  Once there, you will be tasked with two things.  You need to earn 1 credit at level one and 1 credit at level 2.  You must complete level 1 before you can tackle level 2.

To complete a credit, you choose from trial offers that are listed.  These are manufacturers or service providers that want to get you to try out their stuff.  Some of these require a small fee to join.  The hope of these folks is that you will like their product and choose to remain a client. Offers will provide anywhere from 10% to 50% of a credit so you will need to do several offers to reach your single credit to move on.

Are you there for that, Nope, you are in it to get paid to view their offers.

Offers vary with the provider, some you can unsubscribe immediately and still get paid.  Other offers will require you to be a subscriber for a specific length of time.  Still others will require you to cancel just before your rebilling period starts.

You may be able to see the writing on the wall here.  If you haven’t figured out a good way to keep records of what you have signed on to view and what their terms of service are to complete the offer, there is a very good chance that you will be billed for the service.  At that point, all of the income that you have accrued through this system will go out the window to pay for a subscription that you didn’t want in the first place.

Eventually, if you stick with it, you will finally get your 1 credit in level 1 and 1 credit in level 2.  You may even find that you have accrued a small amount of cash.  This network does pay so you will have a balance at the end of these tasks.  I suspect if you actually look at the cash received and the hours put into the work you will find that you are making significantly less than minimum wage.

Now, by making it through your first 2 levels you have earned the right to promote this system to others.  You should ask yourself the big question.  Is this something that you really want to put others through?  My answer is no.

Instant Payday Network Scam or Not?

While I can’t really say that the Instant Payday Network is a scam.  It can cost you a significant outlay of funds if you don’t keep good records and cancel each offer in the allotted time.  Anytime that you sign-up for something with a recurring charge, you need to know exactly how to cancel and what the terms are to prevent a recurring charge.  You will find that many of these offers obscure the way to cancel and make it very hard not to get charged.

Now, with that said, there is one BIG PROBLEM with this product.  You will be presented with an offer to join the Empower Network.  THIS IS A SCAM.  Follow this link to read my review on the Empower Network.  You want nothing to do with EN.  It will only bring you heartache.


  • You can make a small amount of money with this system.


  • Unless you keep careful records, you will end up loosing money on this.
  • Feeds into the biggest scam currently on the internet.

Final Review:

Red Thumbs DownInstantPayday Network

Owner: Jeff Buchanan

Rating: 30/100

 Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network Rating Instant Payday Network RatingFinal Review: Not a Scam- BUT NOT RECOMMENDED

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