The Home Internet Career University is what pops up in this advertisement.  If you look a bit closely, you’ll see that the screams scam.

  • Red text to get your attention.
  • No experience required.
  • Fake TV logos.
  • Fake security certificates.

On top of this, you really have no idea what it is that they provide for you.  The ad goes into no detail about what it is you get in exchange for your email and phone number.

In this review of Home Internet Careers I will outline for you the red flags that prove to you that this is a scam.  I have seen this sort of thing time and time again.  The intent of this ad is to collect your vital information and push it to a high-pressure sales team that will get you into the most expensive product they have available.  These sorts of scams are rampant on the Internet.  Their entire mode of operation is designed to separate you from your money.

Home Internet Careers ScamKelly Scott Home Internet Careers

Author: Craig Hughes
Reviewed: December 19, 2015

Overall Ranking: 0/10

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Premium: $97
Owners: Kelly Scott

What is this product

I was somewhat dismayed to see this advertisement at the top of a list recommended by Entrepreneur.  Entrepreneur magazine has a good reputation and the corresponding website typically will give good information.  The list that I reached from clicking on one of their sidebars was very disconcerting.

At the top of this list was an advertisement for Home Internet Careers University or so it seems upon first look.  I decided to look a little more closely at this advertisement and tried to ascertain what it was that they were offering.  It’s obvious that they’re allowing you access to an earn money from home program.  They want you to believe that you can do this without experience or degree and that there are a limited number of spaces available.  They call them positions which indicate that you might be working for someone.

You must have an Internet connection to qualify, but if you’re reading this ad, it stands to reason that you are connected to the Internet.  And of course, their last bullet point, you can work from anywhere and choose your own hours is inherent in a work from home business.

Then we get to the meat of the ad, give me your email and phone number.  Your first and last name would be helpful as well.  If you do this and click check for availability you will be getting a phone call.  I checked in their terms of service (TOS) and find that this business is registered in Utah.  This sets off a red flag with me as I know that many of the boiler rooms operate out of Utah.  A boiler room is a high-pressure sales facility.  This is basically a call center that is tasked with contacting likely prospects and closing them on the highest priced product possible.

After reading through this advertisement, I still have no idea what the product is.  They have directed me to assume that is the University of some kind that teaches you how to make money online.  I do not know anything about the product, nor do I know what kind of training this will be.

The Disclaimer

I clicked on the disclaimer to see what sort of information they provide.  I ran into yet another red flag.  The first line of the disclaimer states that the company name is 37 clicks.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The third paragraph indicates that you may not make any money.  I would take this as the gospel truth.

A bit further down in the disclaimer it indicates that the actual owner’s name is only a pen name ” to safeguard her family’s privacy”. I would submit that it is not to safeguard the family’s privacy but the corporation that runs this scam.

I can go on and on about the disclaimer, but it basically says, you probably won’t make any money at this, the testimonials provided are exceptional results and we’re not responsible for any results that you may have.  In other words, if you don’t make any money, it’s not our fault.

Terms of Service (TOS)

The terms of service go on and on about your rights and responsibilities and protect the company using standard legalese.  The important points to note are that there are no warranties and that the entire risk is assumed by you.  In the earnings section. It specifically states that they will not guarantee results or success.  This gives them the opportunity to refuse to refund any monies received by them.



37 clicks

37 clicksIf you do just a little bit of research online, you will find that 37 clicks takes on various forms.  Not only are they present as home Internet careers University, but they also appear is the home profit system and you can find a website from 2013. This is actually called 37 clicks.  So they have been in this business for quite a while.

Even the Better Business Bureau gives him a grade of F.

Their entire business model is focused on separating you from your money.  Stay away from this one, stay very far away.


Are you Ready for an Honest Opportunity

These scams leave a bad taste in many people’s mouths.  I know that I went through several of them as I was learning to actually make a good income online.  The bottom line is that there are opportunities out there that are legitimate.  They can be difficult to find.  The one that has worked for me and provides me with a full-time income is Wealthy Affiliate.

There is none of the hype that you see with these scammy programs.  This is a community of people that are genuinely concerned with helping you to earn an online income.

I have been a member for 5 years.  There are other’s that have been with WA for 8 or more years.  It is truly a caring community.

Put your credit card away.

The Starter Membership is available with just a sign-up.  The first 7 days gives you access to Premium communication within the community.  After that time, you can choose to upgrade or remain a Starter member.  You will still have access to the initial training for as long as you need.


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