Keyword toolKeyword research is an essential part of Internet Marketing. A keyword is how people that are interested in your niche will locate what you have to say. These are the words that are key to your niche. You need to isolate keywords that will provide good quality leads and people that are ready and willing to purchase products from your niche. How to locate these words and choose the most effective ones is the subject of this post.
The general public may be looking for a specific thing but don’t have the in-depth knowledge of the industry. Most businesses that are on the internet have not figured this concept out. They are insiders to their industry and focus their efforts on the buzzwords for their industry. These work well if the target market is already familiar with their market and are looking for information. People that are searching from the outside may not be familiar with industry buzzwords and must be directed to the market with less colloquial words.
So how do you locate words that are effective, well searched and not too technical for any Joe off the street? Each of the major search engines had provided a free tool that will give you Keywords for your chosen audience some are active some are obsolete. Here is a breakdown of these:

  • Google keywords search tool
    • The most popular of these is the Google External Keyword tool. This tool is designed around Google AdWords and is optimized to provide good converting traffic for your chosen subject.
  • Bing keyword research tool
    • Bing has the Wordtracker tool. This provides a nice list of results but does not provide any intelligence. There is a bar that shows relative search frequency. No comparisons or number of searches. If you are trying to get ideas of things to search this tool can be helpful.
  • Yahoo keyword search tool
    • Yahoo provided a tool called Overture. This tool has been taken down and is no longer available for use.

There are also several paid Keyword tools. Of these, the only one I would recommend is the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool. This is part of the package when you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate University.

  • Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Tool Keyword Tool
    • Helps you to locate Hot Keywords that will connect with your online audience.
    • Acquires data from Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).
    • Allows you to organize your searches into campaigns and save multiple lists in each.
    • Provides a competition tool that returns the exact number of websites containing your keyword phrase.

Keyword research can make or break a campaign. Adequate research with exceptional tools such as those found at Wealthy Affiliate University will simplify the process and give you a strong starting point for your Internet Marketing efforts.

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