Last year Google pulled a fast one on the Internet Marketing community.  They changed their API (Application Programming Interface).  This particular API was related to keyword searches on the Google network.  Well this was good news for Google but made life difficult for all the other keyword search programs.  All of the sudden, in one fell swoop ALL of the keyword tools based on this API broke.  We went to bed all happy and secure that the keyword research that we would do tomorrow would be uneventful and provide good results only to find that nothing worked in the morning.

The Google Adwords Keyword tool is still functioning.   The Adwords tool will give you a nice idea of related keywords to your original search term and the relative search volumes, but you will need to do some additional work to determine what the competition for your term is.

A standard Google search with the search term in quotation marks will provide you a number that Google thinks are related to your search term.  Typically this number is much larger than the actual results.To find the actual results you need to go down to the bottom of the page and look for the pages that are listed.  Click on the last page of the results and repeat this for all of the listings until you get to the final page.  This will be an accurate number for the searches for this keyword.  I expect that you will find the actual number is much smaller than the original result that Google lists on the first page. This is because Google adds all of the terms that it thinks are related to your term in their results.  The ACTUAL RESULTS are much smaller.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate University have been busy behind the scenes solving the problem that Google created by designing a keyword tool called Jaaxy(  This tool will provide accurate results without the tedious work required to get accurate results.  The competition for search terms is listed along with the estimated traffic and an analysis of the keyword term.  This tool is not free but is reasonably priced for the value that it provides.  Check it out. A trial subscription will provide you with 30 free searches.

Wealthy Affiliate University has a keyword tool as well.This is free with a paid or trial membership.  Click on the image below to be taken to a tutorial on how to use the WA Keyword Tool.


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