Do You Want to be One of the Beautiful People?

After all, this is what the Nerium skin cream folks want for you.  They would like you to join their company and promote the Nerium Oleander skin care product that they provide.

You must be willing to pay the price though, $100.00/ month for the 30 mL bottle.

Not only that, but you get to sign up to sell it to your friends and neighbors.  You can even sign them up under you to promote the same product.

Does Oleander Plant Skin Care Work?

Classic literature doesn’t spend much time on the Oleander plant. A small note in the Physician’s Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines indicates that its uses are specific to Heart ailments and skin diseases(Non-specific).  In general, the levels of Nerium Oleander in the Nerium AD product are so small that minimal benefit is derived.  Information on the toxicity of the product would indicate that the quantity of Cardiac Steroids (cardenolide) present should be well below toxic levels even if ingested by a small child.

Included in the formula for the product are tocopherols( Vitamin E).  This is known to cause a reduction in wrinkles and condition the skin. Are the benefits then derived from the Oleander or from the other ingredients in the product?  Only the manufacturer can tell you the real truth.

What about the Marketing?

The marketing for this product is a classic MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme. You sign up people under you to promote the product they get 30% of the cost, you get an additional percentage of each sale.

The product is overpriced due to this model and most of the product cost goes to maintaining your income.  You are also responsible to purchase one tube of the product monthly.  So, if you aren’t actively promoting the product, you are in arrears from the first moment that you sign up.

While these pyramid schemes can be quite profitable for some and hugely profitable for those at the top of the heap, the little people at the bottom support the upper tiers.

Are There Any Side Effects?

You may note that in the promotional literature it does state that the Nerium product is not sanctioned by the FDA.  As with any herbal product, this one doesn’t fall under the FDA umbrella so there isn’t a reason to even expect that the FDA should provide a recommendation or sanction this product.

This also means that any claims to the testing being done are not from reputable companies and therefore are suspect in themselves.

While many people seem to have good results with this product, there are users that have had significant allergic reactions.  So far these have been limited to skin rashes and itching.  There have been no fatalities reported that I can identify.

At a Glance

Red Thumbs DownProduct: Nerium AD
Owners:Nerium Biotechnology, Inc.
Final Review: Scam
Rating: Nerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium RatingNerium Rating : 4/10

Getting involved with Multi-Level Marketing is never a good idea.  Once you have exhausted all of your friends and family and alienated them you are left with a product that won’t sell and has dubious qualities.

The true customer of these MLM marketing schemes are not the consumer but the hopeful investor.  The MLM model does not work.

There is a way to make money with marketing, not to your friends, not prospecting but making real money helping people to fulfill a need that they have.  The nice thing is that you are helping others not to succeed with yet another scam but to find the information and products that they are already looking to buy. Let me show you a legitimate way to your fortune.


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