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I typically will check in to WA each day and read through the postings for the people I am following. I make a point to comment on as many blog posts as I can. This can be a bit of a chore as I’m currently following about 1700 people on the WA network.
Here is a link to one that I can relate to. I once was a new member too and remember the feeling that this post relates.

A New Member Post | Loads of Information

New Member Post





(note)  The 10 day trial has become a free trial with Premium support for the first 7 days of your stay. While the free trial doesn’t ever expire, the Premium support is only available to Premium members after your first week.

 About Information Overload

A typical person, new to Internet Marketing will go through this dilemma.  If you need to, take a bit of time away from the learning and let your mind process the information.  Everything will still be there in the morning.

One of the Catch 22’s of the Wealthy Affiliate system is that there is so much information available that it is not digestible in a single week or 10 days or even a month.

WA is more like a college course or even a Major at a University.  It takes 4 years to complete a college degree,  why would you think learning a new profession would be any different.  It can take much less time with constant perseverance but learning to be an internet marketer is like relearning a lifetime of experiences.

Don’t get me wrong, the journey can be a rewarding one.  I find it so, my bank account even shows some nice rewards.  It does take hard work and perseverance.

Here’s to your success.


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