Getting StartedAn online education can be an exciting experience.  There are no attendance requirements, no set schedule or even grades to worry about.  You are free to learn at your own speed and work your studies around you own schedule.  This makes it very easy to work around a job or raise a family.

What is it that you want to get out of your online education.

  • Are you looking for a way to make money without being under the thumb of an employer?
  • Do you have young children and need to stay at home with them but need income as well?
  • Are you retired and can’t seem to make ends meet on your Government subsidy?

An Online Education can provide you with income and a way to get out of the rut you have found for yourself.

Learning to earn online does not come without some drawbacks though.

It is not an instant income.  You can’t get rich overnight no matter how many self-professed gurus tell you that they can sell you something that will.  It does take work.  You aren’t out in the cold digging ditches though.  You are writing, you are telling a story and sharing your experiences.  This doesn’t sound much like work does it?

How do you get started?

Choose the Right Place to Invest Your Time

I’d like to help you find the right way to Earn a Living Online.

I’ll help you to discover the best programs to invest your time with.

I’ll also give you information on what to avoid.  There are a lot of programs that say they will give you a quick way to riches.  I review some of these to point you away from the Scams and toward the legitimate programs.

If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on this program or that program.  Let me help you to find the ones that you can try before you buy!  I only recommend programs that have low cost or are completely free to try out.

What’s Stopping You?

Are you scared of the Technology?  You don’t think you know enough to make a website?

Are you afraid that you will fail?

Are you worried that you will never find a good place to learn all this stuff?

I have faith in you.  I know you can do this.  There are many things in life that can be scary, don’t let your fears keep you from taking your shot at the gold ring.

I’d love to hear what is keeping you from your success.  Leave me a comment below and I can help you to overcome your fears.  Let me know what’s stopping you.

You can be successful!

Your 3 Steps to Success

There are many routes to Success.  What each path has in common are three things.

It can be a bit different online but many things still hold true.


You need to learn how to make your chosen field work.  You have all sorts of technology at your fingertips but may not yet know how to put it together to make an impact with your readers. When you have mastered the necessary learning, you will be ready to make your impact online.  When your can pull up the knowledge that you have learned

  • Through training
  • Through practice
  • Through understanding

Then you have reached a place where you can succeed.

If you don’t have this knowledge yet, you need help and a mentor or community that can help you to achieve your goals.


You know what you need to do, you have a single minded purpose.  Your goals are defined and you are taking steps to complete them.  You get focus through your learning.  When you understand the process, then you can devote your whole mind to the problem at hand.

It can be hard to focus on a new way of thinking if you don’t have a path to complete your goals.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trail of breadcrumbs to follow?

A Website

These days, you need a website.  Without a website, there can be no success.  Your success online is directly related to your website, without it you will fail sooner than later.

Does this worry you?

Creating a website isn’t hard. With the right tools you can have the basics of a website online in a matter of a few minutes.  You can even do this for free.

Try Before You Buy

The top place that I have found to get started is Wealthy Affiliate.

There is a Zero Cost option to help you get going.

Here’s what you will find when you sign-up.

  • State of the Art Training
    • Video Training
    • Text Based tutorials that show you how to do something.
    • Organized tutorials with check off boxes that allow you to keep track of your progress.
    • Live question and answer chat for immediate answers.
    • Classrooms and discussions for topical Q&A.
    • Premium members get a Live Video Class weekly and can watch recorded presentations from previous weeks.
  • Two Free Websites ready and waiting
    • Unrestricted WordPress sites-  WordPress is the Content Management System of Choice for more than 70% of all new sites.
    • Thousands of Themes to Choose from to make your site look just like you dreamed it could.
    • Free tools to get your site online and ready for your ideas in minutes.
  • A Supportive Community
    • Live Chat is always available 24/7.  We have people in our community from all over the world, the chat is almost always active. The owners are frequently in the chat helping all who ask.
    • I am online with WA every day.  My member Rank is 6 and I have been active with WA for several years.  I greet every new member that completes their profile and everyone that signs up from this site.  So come on in, say hello and let me help you to get started.
    • Classrooms with topical discussions.  If you have a question there is probably an answer already available to you.

All of this is available to you Free.  No charge, no credit card required.There is a Premium service available that give you access to a lot more!

To get started, choose the $0 cost Starter membership, enter your details and get access to the best learning environment online.


WA Starter Membership

If you need more information, have a look at this Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate.  This shows you some of what you will find when you join.

You can check out my WA full review Here for more information.

If you still have questions, Please leave a comment below and I will answer them promptly.







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