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Owner: Neil Guess Cost: $30/Month Release Date September 26, 2013

Rating: PLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS Rating : 5/10

One of my contacts has started to promote this Power Lead System so I checked out the promotion to see if what he was promoting was any good.

First Look

First, I took a look at the promotional video.

The script was good, good pacing, somewhat compelling content.  Here’s where I had a problem,  This line 26 seconds into the promotion. “Seriously you’ve never seen any system like this”.  Well in fact I have seen many systems like this.  They are a dime a dozen.

What he is calling Accelerated Leverage and %100 percent commissions is nothing of the sort.  It is a standard pass up model that is promoted all over the internet.  100% commissions?  Yes you get this on some of your prospects.  Not all of them.  So 100% commissions quickly turns into 50% commissions as you pass half of your prospects fees up to your sponsor.  There are additional pass-ups and additional 50% payments made when you reach higher levels of sales.

The Software

Now I do have to give him credit, it looks like Neil has put together a good software package but what does it really do?  Create Sales Pages, automate your funnel.  These are scammer techniques that most people are immune to these days.  How much traction do you really think you are going to get with run of the mill sales funnels that look just like all the other hype out there on the internet.

There is one feature that has promise.  Tracking the people that click on your e-mail.  Find out who is clicking and capturing those leads.  This is a good way to build an e-mail list that can be marketed to.  Do you think this information is only yours?  The software doesn’t reside on your system so all of the information that you pull in is also passed to the creators of the software.  Gee, I bet Neil can find a use for this.

The Big Problem

They neglect to mention that in order to be compliant with the US laws, you need to have a double confirmation in place to meet the regulations regarding Spam e-mails.  So any leads that you do capture cannot be marketed to until you have a double opt-in in place.

Their software is essentially a contact management system.  It also includes an Funnel System and Landing Page Generator. These have been around for years in various forms many are available for free if you don’t mind the hassle of banner adds when you open your contact manager.  Banner ads are easy to ignored. Automated Funnels and these sort of landing pages have been shown not to work in today’s internet.  People don’t want the hype, they want real honest information that they can feel good about.

The meat of this system is all about capturing leads, the leads are passed up through the free members to the next level until they bump into a paying member.  This member then is supposed to be able to market to them but here we again run into the double opt-in problem.

The Compensation model

This compensation model is being hyped as not a pyramid scheme.  It is.  It is just a hybrid version of the Classic Pyramid being marketed as a pass-up.  Hey folks what do you think a pyramid is.  It passes up the levels below you.

The only place that this differs is that they also provide a free software system to get people involved.  Once involved then they are marketed on the system.

People feel like they have to reciprocate when they get something for free. Giving away a free software makes people feel that they are beholden to you and are much more likely to buy.

OK so lets look at the Compensation Plan.  First, you may not have had time in the video to see this disclaimer.  So let me show you.

PLS DisclaimerIn other words, this might not work for you.  We offer no guarantee.

PLS 100 CommissionsSo their model passes up the even numbers and lets you keep $20 per odd person for the first 5 people, then of the next ones, you pass up 10, 15, 20 etc.

If your down-line gets more than 5 you get 50% of their pass-ups.

Sounds pretty complex.  The bottom line is that by recruiting folks into the system you will get some pay from their signups.  The pyramid has a wide base but it is still a pyramid.  The free give away allows them to capture leads into the system and create reciprocity.

The Bottom Line

This system is all about creating Pop-ups and Landing pages. Lead capture is a big part of the system and just looks like you have an easy way to chase a lead.

The Sales Funnel looks really scammy and will not provide any real value.  The contact lists will capture leads for the system but aren’t much use outside this system.

Product: Power Lead System

Red Thumbs Down

Owner: Neil Guess

Final Review: Not a Scam but not Recommended

Rating: Rating:
PLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS Rating : 5/10

There is a way to make money with marketing, not to your friends, not prospecting but making real money helping people to fulfill a need that they have. The nice thing is that you are helping others not to succeed with yet another scam but to find the information and products that they are already looking to buy. Let me show you a legitimate way to your fortune.


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