Article MarketingThere are many ways to promote your website, using articles in marketing your website is an effective way to do this promotion.  Short articles take less time to create and can be targeted to a specific audience.  This can be effective with the promotion of your site by bringing people into your content from the outside world.

The most effective way for using articles in marketing your website is to target each article to a specific keyword.   The keywords can be chosen for specific parts of your audience.  If the overall focus of your site is Dog Training and much of your audience is dealing with puppy issues like biting or training the dog for a crate, you can create posts or sub-pages for this topic and create an article with a keyword that points to this page.  This helps the audience looking for puppy biting to find your information.

One of the by-products with the keyword approach for using articles in marketing your web properties is that you bring additional traffic to your website.  Each time you create an article and focus on different keywords, the articles are viewed by another audience.  This puts your information out into different niches of the market.  You get more views, a variety of viewers and an entirely fresh audience for your topic.

Articles can also be used to target specific pages on your website.  If one page of your website focuses on a satellite topic and you wish to drive traffic only to this page you can omit the page from display in your website and just send traffic directly to this page with a targeted article. This can be useful if you are targeting a specific product that doesn’t fit well with the rest of your information and you need to put a sales page up for this product.

Using articles in marketing your website can be a powerful driving force for your website.  Articles can be tailored to reach specific audiences and niches of your market.  Articles drive traffic and customers to your website.  Funneling your customers to your internal pages gives them more ranking in the search engine and increases the overall traffic to your website.

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