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The Video Genesis product is a set of video trainings that will help you to learn how to do video marketing. At first glance, it appears to be a well thought out and comprehensive set of tutorials that will provide the basics for those that want to learn video marketing.
Review Date: July 29, 2013
Author: Craig H Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating : 5/10
Owners: Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins
Price: 3 payments of $97.00

Video Genesis SplashBack in early July, Mike Filsame and Andy Jenkins provided the internet community with the Video Genesis Launch.  The hype was incredible.  They were bankrolled well and provided their JV partners with a pretty nice incentive to promote this product.  Prizes awarded started at $100,000 for the top affiliate and $40,000 for the next most successful partner.  This provided some amazing incentives for people to promote this product.

The Promotion

video Genesis JV WhiteboardI had a look at the promotional videos for Video Genesis and even looked at the official Video Genesis review.  I have to admit, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime have put together a great set of videos to get you in the door.  While they tout that this product is worth 2 grand, they are going to give it to you for 3 payments of $97.00.  Or you can ante up on the front end and pay $247.

Video One- The Wrong Way

The first promotional video puts together a video that shows you not what to do.  They make all the common mistakes that new folks to video will make.  Bad lighting, not preparing the screen shots, wasting the viewers time with typing and logins.  That sort of thing.  If you have played around with video, you have probably done all of these at one time or another.

Video Two- The Right Way

Video Genesis DeloreanThe second promotional video, after messing around with some really inane teaser about time travel (yes, they do use a Delorean), redoes the video and discusses what a good video looks like and they use an iPhone to do the entire video.  Well, at least they use an iPhone for the camera work.  There is obviously a significant amount of post processing used to complete the video, but they make their point very well.  You don’t need to have a huge budget to do a quality video capture.

Video Three- The Soft Sell

Finally, the third video gets into the sell.  They do spend a bit of time on their Triple T method, Teach, transform, transact. They also spend a bit of time on the basics of marketing, show people, don’t tell people. This is a standard line in Internet Marketing.  We even teach this at Wealthy Affiliate( A Great Place to learn legitimate IM). That is secondary to the main purpose of this video which is to get you to buy into the Video Genesis program.

So Who Are These Guys?

This looks like a good program on the surface.  The big question for me is can a tiger change its stripes?  Why would I even ask this question?  The answer to this is the players in this launch.  The two owners of this launch are Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. Video Genesis is just the latest version of their Internet Empire.  They have both been linked to the Internet Syndicate that promotes their products indiscriminately and fleeces unsuspecting folks of their hard earned cash.

Would I ever buy Video Genesis?

Video Genesis NOThe answer to this is a resounding NO.  Not because of the product.  This actually looks like a good product on the surface.  I would get Video Genesis and then be subjected to the upsells and dubious tactics of two of the masters of SCAMWORLDThis I don’t need.

At a Glance

Video Genesis Review
Owners: Mike Filsaime, Andy JenkinsRed Thumbs Down
 Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating Video Genesis Rating: 5/10
Final Review: Not a Scam-

Recommended Program

There is a program that I highly recommend.  Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Free Zone.

Wealthy Affiliate Full Review

Wealthy Affiliate Video Introduction

The community here is dedicated to helping YOU.  Not themselves.  In fact, the site is designed to help members with more experience help those that are just starting or have less experience with Internet Marketing.  If you are looking to start and online business, or even just want to see how much sand you actually get in your keyboard when working from the beach.  Give this place a look.  I costs NOTHING to join.  No Credit Card required.

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