Article MarketingArticle Marketing is a technique used by bloggers to help get your site found on the internet.  This is done by writing informational articles of 500 to 800 words and posting them in the article directories.

Links are provided either in the content or in a byline at the end of the article.  The links will point the reader to your website where the reader can get more in depth information about the topic covered in the article.

Why do Article Marketing?

There are two reasons for doing Article Marketing.  First, your content is read by a wider audience.  The article directories have a good following, some of these folks might be interested in what you have to say.  They are also indexed well so people interested in your topic will find it easy to reach your information.

The second reason to market yourself via articles is to piggyback off the good will that the article directories have with the search engines.  With hundreds of new pieces of content added daily to the article directories, Google, Bing and Yahoo (the three largest Search Engines) have lots of ranking love for the article directories.  Your articles will benefit from this beneficial ranking and actually do much better in the Search Engines themselves.  When you link to your website from here, some of the ranking benefits are passed to your site.

Penguin 2.0

Article Marketing has gotten a bad rap recently and Google was instrumental in making this happen.  Last year and several time since the original release, Google has spanked many of the directories in the rankings.  This was well deserved I might add.  It was called the Penguin update.

The Penguin update was created to address the issue that the content being submitted to the article directories was of little or no benefit to the readers.  Some of it was even spun content.

Spun content is a unique way that some writers were trying to get more mileage from their work.  Essentially they used automation to create multiple articles from one original article.  Many times the automation just substituted synonyms for the important words in the articles.  This resulted in articles that were practically unreadable by the normal person and added no real benefit to the internet community.

Google Deranking

Google devalued this content as was appropriate.  This caused the article directories to be devalued as well and resulted in a wholesale reevaluation of their content by the article directory owners.

Now that the low value content has been removed, the article directories that were penalized are recovering their previous rankings.  There are more strict rules in place and only quality content is being approved.

No Shortcuts

What this all means is that to do article marketing in today’s internet community there are no shortcuts.  Write good quality articles that make sense to your readers.  Write original content and never post the same content in more than one place.

Street Articles

When your content is complete, it is time to submit your article to your chosen article directory.  I have found that Street Articles is a wonderful one to use.  This article directory is fairly new to the scene having just been started in 2011.

Street Articles has rocketed to the top of the heap by keeping the content of high quality.  You are able to add an image into your article to help with reader impact and the links to your site are done in the content as context links.

A Devalued Technique

While article marketing used to be very effective to market your information and provide links to your website recent changes to Google have devalued this technique.

These days, it is more appropriate to write your articles ON your own website where these will provide your  own site with additional search rankings.  You can then share the information on your site articles with social networks to get it seen and bring people to your site.


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