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In today’s business environment many people are getting burned out at their jobs and are looking for alternatives to working 9-5.  I never had a 9-5 job.  Most of my jobs were 7AM to 6PM or so.  Of course this was not the designated working time. This was not even the planned working time.  Some people think that because they give you a job, they own you.  From the boss’s perspective this is entirely reasonable.  This also causes burnout and people wondering what is the best business to start from home, just so they can spend some quality time with their families.

Finding the right business opportunity can be a bit of a challenge, but I’d like to walk you through some of the steps that you should consider when starting a unique business from your home.

What Suitable Businesses are there?

There are several ways to make a living from home.  Some of them require that you have a skill of some sort.


Consulting the first way that many people choose.  What do you consult about?  This is  totally up to you but you need to look carefully at your current skills and identify what it is that you know. Once you have determined what skills you currently have, you can look at the market and see if that fits a need in the marketplace. This is called due diligence and will identify markets that you may not have thought about.  The skills you have may translate into another industry or discipline.  It may be that you have some strengths that are transferrable but you also have weaknesses that need to be addressed.  You are also trying to identify opportunities that exist in your market.  Finally, you need to identify if you have competition, sometimes referred to as threats.  These are the other people or companies that are already existing in your  market that will cause you problems.  Put together, all of these analyses are what is called a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.  When starting a consulting business it pays to think about this up front and determine if your skills fit the need.

Consulting isn’t for you?  Would you like to set up a manufacturing business?  Maybe you have a chemistry background and know a bit about saponification (creating soap).  Many people have become quite wealthy by creating specialty soaps and cleansing products.


Do you like to Sew or Crochet? You can sell products through various outlets online such as Etsy.  Perhaps you have a unique way to make a product that would make people’s lives easier while doing their projects.  It is pretty easy to write a book and get it online these days.  Online tutorials make this quite easy.

Does the Internet hold a fascination with you?  Can you program or build applications online?  These are just a few of the many possible occupations online.

Help People

The online world is full of Questions and Answers, if you can be one of the people that provide the answers, people will beat a path to your door.  Well, it sort of works that way.  Now there is a lot of chaff and poor information on the internet.  Google has set themselves up to be the Great Traffic Cop in the sky.  With the search market share that they have, this has become the one place that you need to please to get found on the net. Learning to optimize your website for the Search Engines (SEO) will help you to reach your audience.

Learning to create Websites and get them found on the internet is a lucrative business model if you can learn how to get Google to love what you have to say.  Many folks will try to sell you on their product and take you hard earned cash with outdated techniques.  So Caveat Emptor (may the buyer beware).  Make sure the techniques you use are current and are what Google wants to see and you will do fine with your rankings.

Your Unique Skills

Whatever your skill, there are certain things that you need.

  • You need to have a Unique Selling Proposition-  What is it that will make you stand out in the crowd.

  • You need to Understand Your Audience-  Research what people want, not what you think they want.  Spend some time getting to know them in the forums related to your topic.

  • You need to Understand what Your Competition is Doing-  They may  have one way to promote a similar product line, what is their Unique Selling Proposition.  If you target the same customers you will be in direct competition.  Adjust your focus to look at another segment of the market that they are underserving.  Look at the competition from this perspective, find where they are weak and fill that need.

  • Look Carefully at your own business or potential business and identify where the weak spots are in the market or in your ability to fill the market’s need.  These weaknesses can turn into opportunities if exploited.

I hope this has given you some good ideas.  The best business to start from home is hard to determine for you.  You need to look at your strengths and weaknesses and determine what works for your situation.

Affiliate Marketing

In my case, I have settled on Affiliate Marketing.  If you are not familiar with this business model, it is similar to the old travelling salesman model.  You promote products for various manufacturers or businesses, they, in turn, will pay you a commission for the sales that occur due to your efforts.  The company is able to identify you by a unique code (Cookie) that is embedded when the client leaves your site and goes to the businesses site.

When I started looking around on the Internet for a business that I could run from the comfort of my own home, I looked at many sites before I finally found Wealthy Affiliates.  This company teaches you how to succeed online with this business model. When I started online, I had no idea how to build a website, how to market product or even what Affiliate Marketing was.  I have learned over the last 3 years all of this and more.

Now, I have an online presence  that promotes Affiliate Products, I even help local businesses get ranked online as a supplemental business to the main Affiliate business.  If this intrigues you too, have a look at the rest of this site.  I will give you a bit of help learning what this is all about.  When you are ready, come check out the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership, I think you will be glad you did.

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