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The Chris Farrell Membership is an Internet Marketing course designed for beginning marketers that have little or no experience in this field. Chris uses Video tutorials as well as manuals and lists to provide the starting marketer with a good strong introduction to the basics of Internet Marketing.

Review Author: Craig H

Review Date: Aug 6, 2013

Chris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership Rating : 9/10

Owner: Chris Farrell

Price: $1.00 for the first 7 days, $37.00 per month, $997.00 Mentor Me Program

Who is the Chris Farrell Membership designed for?


This program is designed to help the beginning Internet Marketer to get started with earning a living online.  I say the beginning Internet Marketer because the techniques that are taught here will get you started with your marketing career but everything you need to know is not covered.  Eventually, you will outgrow these techniques and will want to move on to a more comprehensive training program.

If you are new to Internet Marketing and can barely push a button to get your email, this program will get you moving in the right direction.  If you are a visual learner, you will enjoy the training videos and probably get a good start with your online business.

How Does it Work?

This training program provides learning modules on a variety of subjects inside the membership area.  Each training includes a video and text based training, you can watch the video and fill in the blanks with the text training.  Many modules also have downloads that you can save on your computer and look at as time permits.

Who is Chris Farrell  – Why should I Listen to Him?

Chris Farrell got his start online way back in 2008 when the internet marketing boom was well under way.  Within 6 mos of his start, he had his first few $250 days,  at 9 months he had his first $1000 day and in August of 2010 he had $1,000,000 in sales in one day.  That is pretty impressive.  In 2 years, to have reached this level is almost unheard of in this industry.

Chris is also a very personable guy.  Not only does he know how to do Internet Marketing, he is quite good at teaching you how to do it yourself.  He is British and does have an accent but it is not hard to understand him and he gets his point across quite well.

What is this Program?

Inside the members area, you will find the course is broken down into  sections.

These are

  • Quick Start Fast Track Guided Tour

This section gives you an overview of the training, has some modules that introduce you to Internet marketing in general, introduces the team of people that run the membership site.

It provides you with access to the Chris Farrell Membership Forum and even walks you through the first 11 months of what Chris did when he was just getting started.  There is some pretty good stuff in that record.

  • The Essentials

The Essentials section is a really basic group of tutorials that introduce you to what you will be doing online.  It will get you pressing the right buttons and walks you through creating your first two websites.

  • Specific Skills

Although he says that this section is optional, these are really the skills that you need to know to get found online.  This set of specific skills are the backbone of the Internet Marketing field.  Do these and you will go a long way to making a good cashflow online.

The skills are Facebook marketing, finding a profitable niche, a link to his webinars, how to make videos, and getting an auto-responder set-up with Aweber.  Additionally, he has training from some guest speakers that cover creating eBooks, Clickbank, your own product, YouTube, more on video, and learning to use cPanel.

This list just scratches the surface of what you will need, many essential marketing tools that you should use in today’s internet are missing from this section.

  • Tools and Resources

This section covers the tools that Chris thinks you need to get a good presence online.

I have a problem with some of his recommendations.  The primary one is the done for you websites.  It is a proven fact that canned sites won’t rank very well and will actually hurt your web presence in the long run.  Most of the tools he recommends are available free elsewhere on the net but it is nice to see a list of things you will need.

  • Traffic and Social Media

This module is the meat of his system.  Without traffic, there is no hope of making a living online.  He talks about all of the ways that you can get your site found by your readers.

Some of the techniques he uses here are outdated though.  They were once quite effective but now with the recent Panda and Penguin updates from Google they are less effective.

  • Chris Recommends

This section is a plug for his mentor-ship program.  If you want to get one on one support, the mentor-ship program is his online consulting business.  It does come with a hefty price tag though.

  • Your Account

This section is for all of the overhead for your account.  This is also where you can go to cancel your membership.  Some programs make it difficult to end your relationship with a membership site, Chris makes this easy and obvious.  I give him good marks for making this easy and above board.

What if I Get Stuck with Something?

The Chris Farrell Support is a bit lacking in my opinion.  While he has a support track, much of what he promotes to get one-on-one support is inside the Mastermind and Mentoring Master Class and comes with a significant upsell.  As a regular user, you are limited to the Forums where you can ask questions and get answers from other members and email support for technical issues.

What’s wrong with the Chris Farrell Membership?

Most of what you will find in the Chris Farrell Membership is good material and he does appear to truly want to help people succeed online.

I have a problem with the Mentorship upsell.  For ONLY $997.00 you can get free access to Chris and one-on-one support.  The program that I belong to gives you access to the owners and has an active community of knowledgeable marketers without the upsell.  There should not be a fee to get this kind of support.  That is just my opinion.

This training is specifically designed for the beginning marketer.  Eventually, you will need to fill out your knowledge from another source.  You will outgrow this training.  I think it is much better to join a community that will provide you will all of the resources that you will need from the start.  Then the transition to advanced marketing techniques is seamless.

At a Glance

Green Thumbs UpChris Farrell Membership Review

Overall Ranking: Chris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership RatingChris Farrell Membership Rating : 9/10

Final Verdict:  Legit


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