Cash CrateWhat’s Cash Crate All About

Cash Crate is an offer and survey site that pays out a small amount of money when you complete their offers and surveys.  You can also earn money with their 3 tier referral program.

What Cash Crate would like you to Believe

On the front page of the Cash Crate site they tell you that you can earn extra cash and get paid to try extra offers. They say that you can complete free offers without spending a dime. When you look a bit closer the ways to earn are to complete offers, fill out surveys, shop and make purchases from this site, you can play games and of course they like you to make referrals to the site.

Now, I told you that you could get paid without spending a dime and there is a way to do that if you’re very careful with your offers. You can find free offers, these of course, are the lower paying offers. The reality is that most of the offers require a credit card to sign up and if you’re not very careful, you will end up spending more money than you earn.

This is similar to some of the other sites that I reviewed in the past, the offers themselves are advertisers that would like you to purchase their products. These come with a recurring fee and if you don’t keep careful track the recurring fees will kick in and you will end up paying more than you receive for the offer.

The Reality of Cash Crate

The reality of what’s Cash Crate all about is that they have advertisers. These advertisers are using any means possible to get people to sign up to their offers. They rely on the fact that you have a poor memory and don’t keep close track of the paid offers that you have signed up for.

Another way to make money is with surveys. You actually have to take a pre-survey in order to qualify, or see if you qualify for the actual survey. If you do qualify for the survey, by the time you have completed the survey your earnings are roughly a dollar an hour.

You can also play games and earn some money, but again, the payout is so low that you be playing for hours and hours just to earn a small pittance.

If you expect to get rich with Cash Crate, you are mistaken.  The time that you will spend online with the service far exceeds a reasonable rate of pay.  Inside the US, you will be working for far below minimum wage.  You would be better off to go get a job at McDonald’s.

The Reality of Working Online

There are two ways to look at working online you can trade your time for money or you can create a business for yourself. When you create your own online business, you are able to do the work once and get paid many times over. This is called passive income.

I would recommend if you want to make money online and you want to use Cash Crate to your advantage that you spend the time with free offers and surveys to build up enough money to invest in your education at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to create an online business that will provide you with passive income and give you a way to earn real money online. Instead of wasting time making money for others, invest in yourself!

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