The Swagbucks Review- Is Swagbucks a Scam?

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Founder: Josef Gorowitz

CEO: Chuck Davis

Rating: SwagBucks RatingSwagBucks RatingSwagBucks RatingSwagBucks RatingSwagBucks Rating :4/5

What’s Swagbucks about?

Its about earning virtual currency.

Swagbucks is a way to earn a small income from things that you are already doing on the web. They call it a web based rewards program.

Underneath the rewards program is a company that is trying to engage potential customers in a less intrusive way than classical advertising. Swagbucks gamifies their system by offering random rewards to view the content on the site.

state_profile_dc_2010homeIn dog training, this is called a random reward system or the slot machine effect. If you offer a positive outcome randomly, a dog will constantly be trying to get the reward. This works for consumers as well. It’s sort a psychological trick that works quite well. It has been perfected in Las Vegas. Swagbucks has raised this to a new level online.

At its essence Swagbucks is about customer demographics. The company keeps close track of everything that happens on its site and what sort of things people are searching with their overlay of the Bing search engine.  This allows them to provide demographic research information to companies and advertisers.

What’re Swagbucks

Swagbucks are this sites virtual currency.  Everything you do on the site may earn you Swagbucks. I say may.  The rewarding of Swagbucks is at the discretion of the site, there is no fixed rule that when you do this, you get this. Searching may net you some Swagbucks or it might not be rewarded.  This is the frustrating part of Swagbucks, not everything is rewarded.

How do you Earn Swagbucks

  • Search:  Swagbucks hosts their own search engine which is an overlay of the Bing/Yahoo search engine.  I often see that people report this as the Google Search engine but in fact, it is powered by Bing.  
  • Shop: Special promotions inside the Shop Channel will earn you cash back on purchases (Swagbucks).
  • Watch: A Video channel will provide you with Swagbucks for sitting through the sponsored content on their dedicated
  • Play:  You can earn Swagbucks for hitting point targets inside their online games.  Sometimes Tournaments provide bonus points although currently the Tourneys are suspended until 2015.
  • Answer:  The Swagbucks daily Poll and other surveys will provide you with Swagbucks reward points for completion.

What’s allowed and what’s not?

What’s allowed

Use the search engine for your own searching online.  

Add the Swagbucks search Extension to Chrome or your other browser to search using Swagbucks

Promote Swagbucks to acquaintances and people you know.

What’s not allowed

Searching specifically to earn Swagbucks

Using bots or automated searching with the Swagbucks search engine

Clicking links just to get clicks for Swagbucks.  If you aren’t interested in an item don’t click it.

Promote on forums and places where you don’t know the people you are promoting to.

Basically, use Swagbucks in the manner in which it was intended.  Don’t try to game the system to get more Swagbucks.  Since Swagbucks is watching everything you do, and checking for patterns in the demographics, you will be discovered if you try to game the system.

So is Swagbucks Legit or is Swagbucks a Scam?

The bottom line with Swagbucks is that it does deliver what it says that it will deliver.  It is not a scam.

If you want a way to earn a few dollars online by searching online, playing games and filling out surveys, Swagbucks will provide this for you.  You can’t make a full time job of this.  If you are looking for a full time online income, Swagbucks will not provide this.  If you were to calculate the hours it takes to make rewards vs. a living wage you will find that this falls well short.  It can provide some nice perks but a full time income its not.

You need to understand that as a user of Swagbucks, you are the product.  This site makes its money providing consumer demographics for advertisers.  You are the engine that fuels the demographics for them.


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Product: Swagbucks
Green Thumbs UpCompany: Prodege LLC
Founder: Josef Gorowitz
CEO: Chuck Davis
Rating: SwagBucks RatingSwagBucks RatingSwagBucks RatingSwagBucks RatingSwagBucks Rating :4/5


 Is there an Alternative?

You can do Swagbucks, play online and become part of the customer research that is done by Swagbucks or you can take control and learn to make a real online income.  It can be just as fun to help people online to find what they are searching for online. Connecting your own customer demographic to products that you use and review can be very lucrative.

This is called Affiliate Marketing.  As an affiliate for companies, you get paid a commission to review products, help customers to reach the product providers and give your readers the best information that they can find about a product they are already looking to find online.

If you are looking to use Swagbucks to make online money, you will end up short.  If you learn to build an online business of your own and join a community of people that are learning right along with you, you can actually make a living online.

There is a way to make money with marketing, not to your friends, not prospecting but making real money helping people to fulfill a need that they have. The nice thing is that you are helping others to find the information and products that they are already looking to buy. Let me show you a legitimate way to your fortune.

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