Trickling into my inbox, I often get unusual things.  The other day, I got one from the Big Idea Mastermind.  Of course, the first question that came to mind was what’s the Big Idea Mastermind.  Checking a bit, I found that this was done by some guy names Vick Strizheus. I was intriguedProduct  enough to check this product out.

I was dismayed to find that its just a front for the Empower Network.  Too bad.  I have nothing but animosity for the tactics that are used at EN.

This Big Idea Mastermind review will take you through some of the tactics that he’s using and give you the low down on why you should stay away from the Big Idea Mastermind Scam.

BIM logoProduct Name: Big Idea Mastermind

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Verdict: SCAM

 What’s the Big Idea Mastermind All About?

Vick's secret formulaVick starts you off by promising to reveal the$710,000 Secret.    He says he can help you to get the lifestyle of your dreams.  All while sitting behind the seat of a rented Peugeot while on vacation in sunny southern Florida.  A much nicer location than his home in South Dakota.

 He says you are trying to overcomplicate it.  In fact he tosses off 3 parts to his formula.  Vehicle, Engine, Fuel.  A product, a way to promote it and the fuel to start the spread of the idea.

These are all good ideas.  This is the basic premise of all marketing.  He is close to the right idea.  He just uses the wrong methods to arrive at his destination.

Well, his machine that he creates is supposedly provided, I’ll give you the secret that he provides at the end of this review.  No reason to buy in to his hype if you already have the secret, right? I mean, he gives it away free right, so why would you need to pay for it.

Is Vitaly Strizheus on the level?

Vick came over to the US from the Ukraine, got married at 20 and was working in the insurance agency business.  He professes to have come from the banking industry.  Vitaly (goes by Vick now)  said he had to borrow $30,000 that was loaned to him by a friend.  

Well, the reality is a bit different.  In fact, the $30,000 came from creating false clients in his insurance sales business.  He was caught at this in 2007 and convicted. His jail time was done on the weekends and he was sentenced to 5 years of probation.  He came very close to being deported back to the Ukraine.

  So, Vitaly go his start by fraud.  Does that instill confidence in you?  If he did it once, do you think he might do it again?

What Previous Products Has Vitaly Promoted?

These are actually products that Vitaly developed in the past.  This shows that he is what is known as a serial scammer.  He creates on product after another all promoted by JV launches(joint venture affiliates).

JV launches sign people up as affiliates.  Each promotes the product for a percentage of the profits.  Often JV launches will give away some nice products to the affiliates for high conversions.  So this provides them with incentive to promote the products.

These products are not designed to help the customer.  They are designed to pull commissions to the owner and affiliates.  Lifespan is expected to be short.  This is known as the churn and burn.

7 Figure Marketing School:

Once upon a time in 2009 Vitaly created a system “for like minded individuals”  that…

Disappeared from the internet.  URL: www. go ahead see if you can find it.

Churn and Burn remember.

Global Success Club:

Another one that doesn’t exist any longer.  But Vick is learning.  Now the page says sorry the Club is full leave your email address and we’ll let you know when/if we open the doors again. Why anyone would want to do this I don’t know.

High Traffic Academy

High Traffic Academy
Yet another.





ITFInternet Traffic Formula

And another one.  This one is the first indication that Vick has joined Dave and Dave over at the Empower Network as you can see the small print above the notice.  2014 Empower Network.


48 hr Traffic Machine

This one is still operational.  It sells solo ads.  What’s a solo ad?  A single ad that you pay to have listed in front of the subscribers.  If you get your ad in front of lots of people and get a few people that purchase the offer, you might make some money.

Solo ads are typically the spammiest type of ad spend and are ignored by the majority of people out there.  Often, people will click just to be contrary.  This of course makes no difference as you have already paid to have the ad displayed.  This isn’t like Pay Per Click.  One price one distribution.

Get a good offer, you might get a few sales.  Still this is a really bad business model in the long run.

Dubious Products that Disappear, but that’s not all!

Now, with the Big Idea Mastermind, Vitaly is using this as a funnel into the Empower Network.

Many of you may know that the Empower Network is one of the worst scams of all time.  They are so bad that they run their business outside of the US (Costa Rica) to avoid litigation.

I have done a full review of this product Here.


Final Verdict

Product: Big Idea Mastermind

Owners: Vitaly StrizheusRed Thumbs Down

Verdict: A vehicle to get people to the Empower Network.  Since the Empower Network has been banned from YouTube, all of the article directories and has been de-indexed by Google, the members there needed a new way to drive people.  Big Idea Mastermind is Vitaly Strizheus’ way to redirect the traffic to this scam.

Final Rating: 10/100


Wrap Up

It is sad to me that products like this exist. Making money online is really quite easy when you have the correct tools and a training environment that promotes the right way to do things.

You can easily learn to create a website, learn how to get traffic and help people at the same time.  Products such as the Big Idea Mastermind use underhanded techniques to get people’s money.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

In a community that teaches legitimate ways to make money, you want to participate.  There  is no nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that this is the wrong way.

Look at the comparison between the good way to do Internet Marketing and the Big Idea Mastermind.  

I think you will enjoy the community and the training while you set up a legitimate online business.
See You inside.

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