Street Articles LogoIf you have read through my page on Article Marketing  you may be wondering where to submit your articles.  Article directories are designed to provide you with a place to submit your articles for exposure.

By submitting your articles to these directories you are capitalizing on the rank of the directory to help your article rank in the search engines.  While doing this you are actually helping the directory as well.  When you provide quality content in your article this helps the ranking value of the directory.  It is a win-win situation.  Both parties benefit with this arrangement.

There are two Article Directories that I use to promote my articles.  The first is Street Articles.  This article directory is fairly new but has risen quickly through the ranks to become the best article directory in my opinion.  Once you understand that the linking structure has to be natural and not promotional you will find it easy to use.  The articles you submit will be approved quickly, more quickly than any other directory that I have found.

The other Article Directory that I use is Ezine Articles.  This directory took a serious ranking hit when Google updated their algorithms in the Penguin update.  Its rankings have recovered somewhat but is not as robust as it once was.  This article directory allows you to place 2 links in the final paragraph.  Promotional links are allowed so there is a benefit to using this directory.  Approvals can take up to a week.  There are several ways to shorten this.  The Platinum package can be attained with a sufficient number of quality articles.  You can also attain a diamond ranking if your articles reach a certain level of expertise.  These will help to get your article approved more quickly.  You can also pay to get a specific ranking within the system.

There are many other directories.  Most are slower even than Ezine in their approval process.

As always, should you need assistance with your article submissions or like what you have read, please comment below.  I will endeavor to answer your questions as quickly and completely as I can.  Thanks for reading.


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