My Three Labs

My dogs have been whistle trained. Blow the whistle, they come. Here, two of the dogs are wearing their whistles. Hmm, think they will call each other?

Why did I choose the Online Lab Guy for a name to promote online market training?

In my other life, I’m a dog trainer.  So, since I have the credentials to train dogs, I should be able to train anyone, right?

Actually, that isn’t as far fetched as you might think.  One of the world’s foremost trainers in animal behavior has actually made such a cross-over.

Karen Pryor started out as a marine mammal trainer for one of the theme parks, moved on to training dogs and has been instrumental in creating the positive reinforcement training that is taught by most dog and animal trainers in the US and Canada.  She and several other behaviorists (both animal and human) have taken this training and applied it to a discipline called TAG teaching.  TAG is a process where small tangible results are marked with a click or other marker of some kind.  This technique has been applied to Gymnastics, Teaching Autistic children and several other disciplines.

I’m joking a bit here folks, I do have extensive training in WordPress, Programming in general, and have taught courses and done training in the real world, I’m not a professional trainer now, but have been in the past.  I’m patient and kind and really would like to help you.

I will be creating Learning Labs here at the Online Lab Guy to help you learn to work online with WordPress, teach you a bit about Copywriting and creating headlines.  How affiliate programs work and other information related to running a business online.

Much of the information here can also be used for offline businesses to create an online presence.  Customers will form their impression of you online these days.  If you don’t have a website, it is hard to navigate or just plain and outdated, people notice.  The best way to get them coming in the door is to WOW them with your website.  They will understand what you have to offer and you start to create trust in your brand.

I will also create a website for you should you decide that you need a quick start.  You can contact me here to get a quote or discuss what services you need.



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