Work from home today head I ran across the promotion for “Work From Home Today” the other day.  I did my research on it and was mystified.  I have no idea what this product is? Have you run across similar promotional material?  Here is a Work from Home Today review that will provide the answers.

Owner: Matt Benwell Rating: 30/100

What its Not

The sales page for this product spends a lot of time telling you what it is not.  The problem is, it never really gets around to telling you what it is. You can be certain that it isn’t affiliate marketing, it isn’t blogging or generating traffic or any of the other proven ways that you can make money online.  So, what exactly is this thing?  We know that it isn’t any form of betting or even FOREX trading so that is out.  I’m curious, what is this thing.

Any Discounts or Upsells?

First, I’ll check to see if he is a scammer by exiting from the sales page to see if there are discounts.  The original price:  $47.00 Wow, looks like by exiting twice I can actually get it for $17.00.  Is it worth it? Turns out it isn’t but keep reading. Let’s go ahead and sign-up to see what he is actually selling. At least it is handled by Clickbetter so I know that I will be able to get a refund.  Not the reputable Clickbank but still a firm where I know I’ll get the refund.  We’ll give this a plus for that. I wasn’t hit with any upsells either, so we’ll give it another plus.

What It Really Is

There is nothing new here, I could have kept my money in my pocket. What are these earth-shattering ways to make money?

  • Sell your photos to the stock photo sites
  • Do online surveys
  • Become a freelance writer
  • Promote a Clickbank product using flyers littered about town, many towns now have an ordinance against this.
  • Post your flyers on notice boards.

These are tried and true methods of making a few pennies online.  If you are lucky the income will cover the fines from littering and cover the cost of paper for your flyers.  There are ways to make a living online that are much more lucrative and easier than all of this.

Are There Other Red Flags?

I did notice that while the actual owner is Matt Benwell, his promotional literature is all from Michael Brown.  Hmmm, doesn’t want his real name associated with the product.  I guess that is a red flag.  Negative point value for that one.

Who’s this Product For?

This product is for the new marketer that falls for the hype.  Anyone that has seen a few of these products will recognize it for what it is.  It is just another run of the mill product that has glommed together a few free things that are available on the internet. I could rant and rave about this product a bit more but the bottom line is that this product isn’t worth spending your money on. For Genuine work, home jobs can be a good source of income but this particular product won’t help you to get there.


I recently returned to the home page of this product only to find it has been Hijacked by a Silver Give away scheme. I guess Matt was done with it and hasn’t taken the time to fix the problem with his site. This just goes to show, these fly-by-night programs are just not worth getting involved with.

At A Glance

Work From Home Today Red Thumbs Down
Owner: Matt Benwell
Rating: 3/10
Final Review: SCAM Not Recommended

Recommended Program

There is a program that I highly recommend.  Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Free Zone. Wealthy Affiliate Full Review Wealthy Affiliate Video Introduction The community here is dedicated to helping YOU.  Not themselves.  In fact, the site is designed to help members with more experience help those that are just starting or have less experience with Internet Marketing.  If you are looking to start and online business, or even just want to see how much sand you actually get in your keyboard when working from the beach.  Give this place a look.  It costs NOTHING to join.  No Credit Card required.

Stop in, check it out, I’m sure you will be glad you did.Join ButtonDid you find this review valuable?  Do you have another product that you would like to see a review on?  Share your comments below.


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