WordPress vulnerabilities are often overblown but if you have ever had your site compromised you will wish you had security protection in place.  There are some very good plug-ins and security software that will protect your site.  There is one plug-in that was recently released in January 2016 that professes to be one of these good plug-ins.  I have done a little bit of research to determine if this is, in fact, the case.  This WP Site Guardian Review will provide you with my results and an honest opinion of this recent offering to the WordPress site security field.

Just a note, I am not affiliated in any way with this software offering.  This is an honest review that provides my opinion, I am not being compensated for this review.

WP Site Guardian Review ImageWP Site Guardian

Author: Craig Hughes
Reviewed: February 21, 2016

Overall Ranking: 3/10

 WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating WP Site Guardian Rating 

Premium: $27, $37, $47
Owners: Michael Thomas
Website: http://wpsiteguardian.com/

What is WP Site Guardian

WP Site Guardian is a WordPress Plugin that is designed to protect your site from hacking.  It does this in a unique way by banning the IP address of a site identified as trying to hack your site.

The plugin looks at user intent and takes steps to deny further attempts to hack your site.  I can see this as being problematic as a false positive will result in you being denied from accessing your own site.

Who is theOwner of WP Site Guardian

Michael Thomas is a serial entrepreneur.  We have no less than 6 recent releases from this guy.  All of these have been offered for sale via the Warrior Forum and promoted through contests at JVZoo.  

The site promotion is an obvious use of scare tactics and half-truths delivered in a long form one page website that screams scam.  I’d like to give this product a better rating but the tactics of the product promotion indicate that this is just one more flash in the pan product that won’t be around for very long.  Support will be non-existent and the author of this software (if his name is real) will probably be laughing all the way to the bank.

How does WP site Guardian Differ from the Other Security Plug-ins

The plugin functionality seems to be seriously limited.  The way that this plugin operates is different from all of the other security plugins that are available.  It seems to me that there is a reason why the majority of security plugins operate the way that they do.  To provide a service that diverges from the standard modes of operation doesn’t seem to be a good option.  When it comes to security plugins I think that you should stick with the proven methods.

There are reasons why most security plugins work the way that they do.  These tried and true methods have been proven through tedious iterations.  They are designed the way that they are because they are effective and rigorously tested.  A flash in the pan security software just doesn’t make sense.

Why Would I Use WP Site Guardian over Another Program?

As you may have noticed in the discussion above, I would not use WP Site Guardian over another program.  I have installed Sucuri Security on all of my sites. You may notice from the sales literature on the WP Site Guardian that it does not challenge Sucuri.  This is because Sucuri is the state of the art.  If you want protection for your WordPress site, the Sucuri Security Plugin is my go to plugin for this functionality.  It just works!

When is it Appropriate to Use a Security Plug-in?

If you are using WordPress and your hosting is provided by an unmanaged host, this would be a good time to install a Security Plugin. Hosting such as Go Daddy and Hostgator are unmanaged hosts.  These hosts try to keep your site safe but often fall down on their job.  

If you have shared hosting, this is another reason that you should protect each site individually.  If any of the sites on shared hosting are attacked successfully, the problem and percolate through all sites on this hosting.

With the proliferation of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks at the major hosting providers, it pays to have separate protection in place for your online properties.  Backups are worth keeping current as well, in the event that a site does succumb to a hacker and needs to be restored.

Where Can I Find Hosting that Provides Security Built-in?

One of the major perks that comes with the Premium level membership at Wealthy Affiliate is their managed hosting.  This hosting environment, privately managed does frequent, regular scans of all member sites.  Every site is backed-up nightly.  Support is available quickly and is very responsive to security issues.  The only downside is that support is handled via a ticket system and there is no way to “call in” to get personal attention on the phone.  The ticket system works well.

I have needed to have bad plugins removed, an occasional theme has also caused problems with my sites.  I have never had to wait more than an hour to have a response from Wealthy Affiliate Support.  Each time, the issue was resolved in a professional manner and I was back up and running in a short time.  I cannot say enough about the support services with this hosting.  Just this feature alone is a good reason to join Wealthy Affiliate, even without all the training and community support.

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