xplocialSomething is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Well actually, this company is based in New York but you catch my drift.
Since Xplocial has gone through so many changes, it is worthwhile to create a new 2013 Xplocial Review.  The company has had some growing pains and if you are thinking about getting involved with it, you should be aware of the problems.

What is Xplocial

This method for making money online is based around Facebook Marketing.  Using Facebook as a tool for marketing.  While this is a good strategy the intent is just to draw more people into the fold with a perk package.

You market a bonus package to folks.  Cruises, discount coupons and other things that people might want or desire, this is available for the small fee of a sign-up.

Once inside you find that the MLM model kicks in.  This is marketed as yet another 100% commission product that you only get commissions on part of the downline. Your sign-up does go completely toward paying other members but there is yet another “administrative fee” tacked on top of your sign-up.  This goes to the company directly and is taken out monthly.

The compensation model has two buy in levels,  $29.00 and $100.00 each of these is assessed an additional $19.95 for administrative costs.  So at the 29 dollar level you are actually paying $58.95.  If you choose not to pay the administration fee you are paid no commissions.

As the levels are segmented so are the payouts.  If you buy in at the $29 level, you can only get commissions on those at that level.

What it Isn’t

This company isn’t necessarily a Ponzi scheme although it does look a lot like one.  By offering the bonuses to the initial sign-up, they are able to circumvent the law regarding Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes.  So although legally it isn’t a Pyramid, in actuality it is.

The Promises

  • Fast Dependable Residual Income
  • 100% Payout
  • No Learning Curve
  • 300 to 1000 dollars a day.
  • Plug and Play

Anyone that has been online for any length of time has seen these sorts of promotions over and over again.  If you think you can make any money online totally on autopilot then you deserve to be separated from your cash.  These sorts of promotions only serve to make you promises and sell you a dream.  You really do have to work online to make a legitimate income.  Sorry, Larry Marcus is selling a pipe dream here.

The Cons

  • 100% commissions is a misnomer.  You only get that for a portion of the sales you make.
  • MLM (Pyramid) structure means that you will need to recruit new members to get paid.
  • Company has a dubious past.

The Company

Larry Marcus presents himself as a visionary but comes from a questionable background.

The Xplocial site itself was originally released as one payment model and has been totally revamped.  Initially released in the fall of 2012 it came crashing down in December when the entire senior staff left the company.  Now having been re-released in May of 2013 the push is on again.

At one point, the Director of Support Services, Stephen Marcus appeared with a poorly photo-shopped image and the VP of operations appeared with an image from IStock Photo.Hmmm, does that mean they are just fictional personifications?

Anyone else notice the same last name of the CEO and Director of Support Services.  Can you say nepotism?  Yes you can.

The photos have since been removed.

Who is Promoting This

The folks at Empower Network are starting to jump ship and have fully embraced this company as another way to promote their Scam.  If the Empower folks think this is a good plan, there is something really wrong with the model.  You can find a million reasons why getting involved with EN is not a good idea.  Follow this link to read more about the Empower Network.

The Last Word

You may have noticed that I’m not a big fan of the MLM model.  Couple that with the scammy promotion and outright lies that are being used for this companies promotion and I would stay away from this opportunity.

In case my arguments are not sufficient to keep  you away, Xplocial has a New York based office suite that shares its address with several other businesses.  All of these appear to be unrelated.  This means that the corporate office is a virtual office and doesn’t exist anywhere but on paper.  If they were to close shop tomorrow, your money would effectively disappear.

Owners:Larry MarkusRed Thumbs Down

Product: Xplocial
Final Review: Scam
Rating:PLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS RatingPLS Rating :  3/10


There is a way to make money with marketing, not to your friends, not prospecting but making real money helping people to fulfill a need that they have. The nice thing is that you are helping others not to succeed with yet another scam but to find the information and products that they are already looking to buy. Let me show you a legitimate way to your fortune.



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