About Me

My Three LabsI’ve been a dog lover for many years and use it as a sort of therapy to wind down after a long day.  My current kennel consists of three Yellow Labrador Retrievers.  All of my dogs have a purpose.  One is currently in training for Search and Rescue work.  The others are all Therapy Dogs and visit nursing homes to provide Emotional Therapy for the residents.  I also volunteer as a trainer with a local Dog Training Facility where we help others to learn to work with their dogs and certify them for Therapy work. Now that I have some website skills, I also maintain their site for them.

Dog training is my passion.  My wife tells me that I have unruly dogs but they are just exuberant.  We run a fine line between out of control and well behaved.  They are fun to work with and when working are the best dogs in the world.  Some day we will be able to come to an understanding.  They love their work and when we go visiting they appear to be different dogs than we get on the home front.  Of course, the Search Dog is a crazy dog on purpose.  We don’t want to slow that down a bit as she needs to be able to push through in all environments.  Since she is a kind hearted dog I have no qualms about letting her be a bit nutty.

My background is an Electrical Engineer and for the last few years, I have been working in factory automation. I designed and helped to build machines that ran assembly lines. I found this to be an unrewarding profession. As I have a technical mind, it is easy to make the jump to building and maintaining websites. What I have found, though, is that you don’t need to have an engineering degree to build websites.  With the development of WordPress, anyone can learn to build a nice website. I can help you learn to do this.  Helping people is what I do now.

My other profession was difficult for me, I wasn’t doing what I loved and was always stressed and out of sorts which led to poor performance and bad reviews.  I wasn’t doing what I liked and found it hard to drag myself out of bed every morning to put in the obligatory 10 to 18 hours working for someone else.

Headshot_ CraigNow, I’m working for myself and loving every minute of it.

Several years ago, I found that I can actually make money online.  I revamped my engineering skills and learned a few more things about building websites.  I found an amazing community (Wealthy Affiliate) that helps me to turn these into a source of income.  Each site on its own makes a bit of income.  Taken all together, I have a full-time income. You can do this too.

I’m in Internet Marketing so that I can spend more time with my volunteer efforts and make a difference in people’s lives. I’m doing something I love and making a difference.

I love Internet Marketing, the challenge of providing people with something that will help them in their lives is a great profession.  It keeps me humble.  Making your words connect with people and their emotions is a great way to live.  I hope you will join me in the pursuit of helping people to fulfill their wants and needs.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, I am known as Labman. Come and join us.


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