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Small Business Websites

In today’s business environment, it is imperative that a business has created a website.  In most cases, a customer will start looking for a product by searching online. This will often be done on a mobile device.

Small businesses will need to have an online presence and this will need to be compatible with all devices.  This is called a responsive website.  The site adjusts depending on the device that is viewing it.

To get this done, you can hire a developer making sure that you specify that the website is responsive, you can learn to create your own website or you can find someone that will work with you to create your website.  In all of these cases, it makes sense to have some idea of what is possible with your site.  How it will make money for you and how it all comes together.

Even if you don’t wish to create your own site but just want to learn to have an effective online business presence, the training at Wealthy Affiliate will give you the information you need to get your business online and earning customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money by selling other people’s products.

Manufacturers are savvy to the fact that the most effective sales force are the people that have purchased their products and can provide reviews for others. A network of people using word of mouth and helping others make informed choices is a very effective sales force.

As an affiliate marketer, you become part of that sales force.  The manufacturers don’t expect you to do this for free and have provided a way to reward you for reviewing their products with a commission.

Perhaps you have heard of some companies that have affiliate programs.  Amazon, Walmart, Staples and Home Depot all have affiliate programs.  Some pay small commissions, some have a graduated scale based on your sales volume. When you get more sales, the commission percentage is increased.

There are also some networks that handle affiliate sales for other companies.  This makes it easy for a marketer.  One network will handle many manufacturers and act as a clearing house and handle all of the affiliate payments for several companies.  This makes the bookkeeping easy for the marketer and handles all of the payouts from the various companies.

Recommended Resource

Wealthy Affiliate is a fully featured training community that teaches you how to become an effective Online Marketer.

It walks you through the 4 pillars of an online business, choosing your focus, creating your website, attracting people to your site and making money.

If your focus is on promoting your local business, Wealthy Affiliate provides a local classroom that is dedicated specifically to teaching you how to promote your off-line business.

What you will find:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Community
  • Tools

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