Backlinks are a big point of contention these days.  You can go out and buy backlinks on Fiverr or purchase a system that will provide you with backlinks such as the recently re-released Backlinks Indexer.  Do you really want to do this, though?  Are you going to get a ranking boost by purchasing backlinks or will this cause your site to drop into the black hole? This Backlinks Indexer Review will help you understand why some backlinks are not good for your site.

Losing your site to the Sandbox isn’t pretty.  Just think, you are doing well in your rankings, you buy some backlinks and all of the sudden, it’s like the dog has come into the sandbox with his bone, dug a hole and buried it deep, then covered it up never to be seen again.

Backlinks Indexer

Backlinks Indexer Review

Overall Ranking: 1/10

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What does Backlinks Indexer Do for You

According to the author, Backlinks Indexer will get your links indexed in Google.  On top of that, this program will provide you with up to 1500 links/day to boost your link juice.

As I go through the sales literature of this program, I notice a few half truths and things that are obviously worded to create concern to those listening.  He asks questions like “How do we get Google to notice our links and push link juice to our website?” . Well, you use Google Webmaster Tools (Rebranded to Google Console in May 2015).  He mentions a cloud-based Indexing Powerhouse.  Why do you need this, Google takes care of that for you. Let me elaborate.

Fetch as Google

Google Search Console DashboardThere is a tool in the Google Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) that allows you to index your content almost instantly.  I have seen content that was submitted to Google indexed in under 4 minutes.  Most of the time, it will take a couple of hours to get your content indexed but it may be much shorter.  This tool is called fetch as Google and can be reached from the Google Console page for your site.  Google offers some training for this tool on their Search Console Help Page.

Once you are inside Google Console, click on the “Crawl” menu item and it will expand to show a more detailed view.  Fetch as Google is the third item on the list.  Click this and you will be taken to a page where you can submit your URL to the search engines.

You cannot fetch pages that are redirected and you are limited to 500 searches per week.  If you are creating a lot of content the search limit might be reached.  For me, this has never been an issue.

So, there you have it, a reliable, free cloud-based Indexing Powerhouse.  Either the provider of this product is blowing smoke or he is tapping into a free product that is available to anyone with the knowledge to use it.


Next he mentions that their software pings multiple sites to let Google know you exist.  Ping goat and Pingler do this for free and surprisingly, WordPress has made this part of their current product so, create your site with WordPress and you are already doing this.

Web 2.0

Next, he says, we build backlinks on Web 2.0 products.  He flashes up article directories on his sales page.  Article directories were devalued by Google.  In fact, Seth Godin the original owner of Squidoo ( a Web 2.0 property) sold it off (August 2014) to Hub Pages when Google removed all of the opportunity to rank his user’s content.  Web 2.0 products no longer produce good effective backlinks.

Other Ways to Get the Word Out

Then he goes on to mention Social Bookmarking sites, Social Media sites, RSS feeds, and XML sitemaps.  These are parts of a good SEO campaign.  You should not pass these off to someone that is not keeping a close eye on your site.  An automated service that does this for you should be avoided at all costs.

Do You Want to Learn About How to Do This?

The training and tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate teach the optimum way to create an effective long-term strategy to get your site to rank.  The way Google wants and the most effective and efficient way.

Most of what I see here is available either inside WordPress itself or via free pinging software.  Then of course, Google provides a way through their own interface to index everything you have.  You can check what’s indexed very easily.  If you are connected to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics you can force Google to index your links immediately.

I’ve had links indexed in under 2 minutes using Google Webmaster tools.  For free! I go over how to add a website to the Search Engines in another post.  In this post, I talk about how to set up your accounts with the Search Engines and enable tracking in both Google and Bing.  You are welcome to have a look and get started with your site rankings.

The bottom line, Backlinks Indexer will not provide you anything that will be useful for your site.  Everything you need can be found online.

Why is it a Bad Idea to Purchase Backlinks

Google Penguin

Have you heard of the Penguin algorithm?

The original Penguin algorithm was released in April of 2012.  This algorithm penalized sites for unnatural backlinks.

The Google guidelines specifically state:

“creating links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, otherwise known as unnatural links, can be considered a violation of our guidelines.”

It looked at a black hat technique that pays for backlinks to your sites. Does this sound a bit like Backlinks Indexer?  I would say that it does.

If you wish to get your site moving up in the search rankings and get your customers coming to your site where you can help them, then

Backlinks Indexer is not the right solution.

How to Get Google to Index Your Links

Google has a web service called Google Console.  This was originally called Google Webmaster Tools but was rebranded back in May of 2015 as Google Console. This is one of the tools that provides webmasters special access to intelligence directly from Google.  While it won’t allow you to get specific things to rank, it will tell you what people are searching for when they visit your site.

One of the features included in Google Console is called fetch as Google.  This provides webmasters with a way to signal the search engine that there is new information on your site that needs to be indexed by their web crawlers.

Fetch as Google in Google Console
It is quite simple to enter a URL into the web service and tell Google that it exists.  I have checked back after 2 minutes and found that a URL has been indexed.  It doesn’t always happen this quickly but will create a flag that will get your new link found in a short amount of time.  No need to get a fancy software to do this for you, it only takes 5 minutes to do on your own for free.

Here is a link to one of the Fetch as Google tutorials inside Wealthy Affiliate. It walks you through this entire process. This is just one thing that should be done when you publish a new page or post on your website.
 One of the problems that I see with the Backlinks Indexer is that it was originally released in 2010. Back then, this backlinking strategy worked.  The web has moved forward and this product has remained the same.  It is now teaching outdated techniques and passing them off as the latest and greatest thing.

Google Fetch and Render is just one of the techniques that are taught at Wealthy Affiliate.  There are many more techniques laid out in the tutorials and the training keeps up with the latest changes.

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