How to Add a WordPress Plugin

WordPress PluginsFor a new user, WordPress plug-ins can be a bit of a challenge.  There is a lot of information out there regarding plug-ins.  Many people want to offer you suggestions on the best plug-ins to use, others will tell you that you should only load a certain number of plug-ins. But the biggest problem is that people don’t understand how to add a WordPress plug-in to their site.

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What is a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins Inside WordPress, a plugin is a program, written in a language called PHP, that provides additional functionality to your website. Developers can program a plugin to do pretty much anything that you desire.

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WP Site Guardian Review

WP Site GuardianWordPress vulnerabilities are often overblown but if you have ever had your site compromised you will wish you had security protection in place.  There are some very good plug-ins and security software that will protect your site.  There is one plug-in that was recently released in January 2016 that professes to be one of these good plug-ins.  This WP Site Guardian Review will provide you with my results and an honest opinion of this recent offering to the WordPress site security field.

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Cash Codes Scam

Cash Codes ScamI came across an advertisement that promised that I would have money chasing me.  And that I would forget how much money I made by noon or at least have trouble keeping track.  Yeah, it sounded a bit far-fetched to me too.  But I wanted to see what they were selling.  So I sat through this five-minute presentation.

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The Six Figure Mentors Scam

Six Figure MentorsAs I was searching for the term affiliate marketing, I noticed frequent paid ads for the Six-Figure Mentor Program. Usually, when a company uses Adwords as the six-figure mentor program appears to be doing, it means that they are unable to rank organically for this term. I thought it would be worthwhile to look into the six-figure mentor program and determine if it is, in fact, a scam or legitimate company that is teaching people affiliate marketing.

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The Scam of Making Money Online

ScammersThe scam of making money online is that anyone can do it without working.  This gives people the idea that they too can create a fortune without working at it. The products of the Warrior Forum are generally created by, what I like to refer to as, serial scam artists posing as entrepreneurs.

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Kelly Scott Home Internet Careers Scam

Home Internet CareersIn this review of Kelly Scott Home Internet Careers, I will outline for you the red flags that prove to you that this is a scam.  I have seen this sort of thing time and time again.  The intent of this ad is to collect your vital information and push it to a high-pressure sales team.

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