Creating Private Sites for Client Work

Create a Siterubix siteCreating a site for a customer can be simplified by using the tools at Wealthy Affiliate. A free siterubix domain can be used to create a site that is not live but that the customer can see, comment on and monitor progress.
A simple Clone Tool plugin can then be used to move the approved site to live hosting in a few minutes.

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Neuromarketing| 3 Brains No Waiting

WeepingEinsteinAlligatorNeuromarketing is a way that technology is combining marketing and brain research.  Companies involved with this new form of research are connecting subjects to feedback devices to map out their real time responses to marketing stimuli.

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Where Can I Learn White Hat SEO?

photo credit: bloomgal via photopin ccThese are the techniques that will get you found by the search engines.  White Hat SEO is all totally above board.  It is what the Search Engine algorithms look for.  The techniques found in White Hat SEO will help you for many years to come. 

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Starting Your Own Business from Home

Dare to DreamMany people dream of leaving their jobs and starting a home based business. Starting your own business from home requires a certain passion.

Only you know what makes you happy and fulfilled in your world.
Take this passion and turn it into a business.

Dream of better things!
Create a New Reality!
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Get Organized with Goal Setting

Studies have shown that goals are a good way to make something come true for yourself.  Goal setting is a good place to start.  Set a target for yourself, write it down and review it frequently.  Make what you are doing measurable.  Identify your ultimate Goal, what will your life look like when you have succeeded for yourself.

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