Jaaxy: An Outstanding Keyword Search Software

Jaaxy Free 30Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that will help you to discover some amazing keyword that will enable your content to rank quickly. This tool will allow you to save keyword lists, find rankings for your site against specific keywords as well as identify available site URLs to help a new site to rank.

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Where Do I Rank? Jaaxy Site Rank Tool

Jaaxy Home PageFeedback is important! Without feedback you have no idea if your efforts are being spent in a profitable manner.  Site rank is one of those things that people wonder about. You are probably wondering where do I rank? The Jaaxy site rank tool will show you in no uncertain terms where you rank in the first 20 pages of the Search Engines.

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Niche Keyword Research Tips

Jaaxy LogoI recently was doing research for this article and thought perhaps I would look into the term “Niche Keyword Research Tips”.  When I start to look at a term, I open up Jaaxy and see what the results look like for this search term.  Here are the results that I found.

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Google Lies

Keyword ToolGoogle results are inflated.  The Search Engine Results from Google include similar terms.

This results in an inflated number of results that are not actual competition for certain terms.  With the implementation of Semantic search, this becomes less important but, when doing keyword research can be very important.

Target the audience that you intend.  Learn what is important to help you reach them.

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How to Find a Profitable Niche Keyword

Keyword ResearchWhat makes a profitable niche?

Any niche can be profitable. Some are more than others, some turn a profit and then the income dries up. Others just hit the audience and go viral.

Your keyword choices can be the deciding factor that determines how profitable your niche can become.

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