Create a Complete Temporary Site for a Client

I have a nice way to work with website clients that I’d like to share.Create a Siterubix site

I know that some developers will install a WAMP or XXAMP server on their own computer and develop a site there. This provides access to the backend of a site and allows you to make mistakes on the site without worrying about your client seeing the oopses.

Often though, you want a site under development to be reachable without it going live on the customer’s URL.  I am able to do this with a .siterubix subdomain at WA.

I can create a fully functional WordPress site in just a few minutes, develop the customers site to his or her specifications and allow them to see what I’ve done.  If they would like changes, these can be completed and the customer notified.  All of this happens without taking down their current site and shortens the development cycle considerably.

Give it a try, type your customer’s site name into the box below and you will be taken to the builder.

You will need to create a login to WA but there is no charge to give it a try as a free member. There are a few limitations to the free sites however.  Themes are limited for free members, there are 12 available to use while a free member.  As a Premium member of WA, you have full access to all of the available WordPress themes.

Since I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to an unlimited number of free sites on their .siterubix subdomain.  I use this platform to create sites for my customers.  

Several customers have found this to be a good solution.  I can create a WordPress site on the subdomain, get it to a point where the customer is happy, and then clone it over to their URL in a short time.  This provides several benefits, minimal downtime for their site, they have an approved site live on their URL and they were able to provide input into how the site looks before it goes live.

When I set up the site, I make sure to discourage the search engines from indexing the site.  Although this is just a suggestion to the search engines, I have found that there has never been a time when they did not take the suggestion.  I then provide the direct link to the customer and am able to have them look at it at their leisure.

Clone Your Site to the Customer’s URL

When I have completed a site and the customer is ready to have it live on their site, I will install a plugin from WP Academy called WP Clone.  I follow the directions and within 5 minutes have the database and content as well as the themes and plugins all saved in a file ready to install on a new site.

Now it is time to go to the Clients URL and install a fresh installation of WordPress and add the WP Clone plugin to this site.

Restore the saved file from the old URL to the new site and you should be good to go.

I always verify that all of the links are pointing to the correct site and that all of the images are intact and have their alt and title tags in place.  Then I will set up Google Analytics and verify the site with Google Webmaster Tools just to get the site indexed and working well in Google.

I have a checklist of things that I do to a new site but first and foremost, I make sure that I go to Settings>>Reading and set the site to allow indexing.  While in development this site was obscured from the search engines and now that it is live, I want to make sure that Google finds it.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

WA is an online training site that teaches online business creation.  It is primarily focused on Affiliate Marketing but will help you create a business that caters to all sorts of offline businesses as well.  You can read a full review here.

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