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I would like to introduce you to the art of creating websites with WordPress. There are many programs out on the Internet that will help you to make a website.  I have recently come across WordPress as a platform that simplifies the process of website creation.  This program is installed in most CPanel software lists and is available for free from most web hosts.

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform and it excels at this.  It can be used as a content Management System (CMS) just as easily to make your WordPress installation appear just like a regular website.  Why would you wish to use WordPress instead of one of the other software programs that are available?  Quite simply, ease of use.

The steps required to set up WordPress are quite straight forward and can be completed in a matter of a few minutes.

Domain Name:

You must purchase your domain name from one of the myriad of vendors on the internet.  One of the lowest cost is Namecheap.com.  BlueHost is another that provides reasonable rates and reliable services. A third choice again with reasonable rates is GoDaddy.com  you won’t need the upsells that GoDaddy offers though.

I have gone into more detail in this post outlining the Domain Name Registration Process.


Your domain name supplier can also provide a hosting account if you are trying to keep your life simple.  Many Internet Marketers like to keep their hosting in the same place.  If this is your choice, Bluehost is a good choice.  The hosting from this supplier will WA Hosting WAbinarprovide you with unlimited hosting for a small monthly fee.  Your best choice for Hosting is with Wealthy Affiliate University.  A premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with unlimited hosting and an amazing wealth of support to teach you what you need to know about Internet Marketing.  If you have hosting separate from your domain name provider you will need to change your DNS name to correspond to your hosting account.  Tutorials are available at most hosting providers to explain this step.


To start the installation of WordPress you need to open your CPanel software.  Navigate down to the Software/Services section of the CPanel and click on the WordPress icon. Some CPanel software provides many different platforms to install behind a utility called Fantastico. This will open the installation program and prompt you for the location where you wish to install the software.

Create a Siterubix siteWealthy Affiliate University has developed a WordPress special version that is called SiteRubix.  This version will load all of the most popular Internet Marketing plugins and widgets for you.  This makes getting your site optimized and operation just a bit faster and easier in the process.  You can have the site up and running in under 5 minutes.

And Yes, it is so friendly that even a technically challenged person can do it.


Once installed the WordPress installation needs a bit of configuration.  From the WordPress login you will be taken to the Dashboard,   On the left side of the screen are the options.  Select the Theme and choose one that you like.  The Theme can be changed at any time without losing your content so don’t worry if you wish to change your mind.


WordPress Plugins add additional functionality to your site.  Each one has a special function or task that it does to help your site run better or look nicer.

WordPress has hundreds of Plugins.  These can be configured for Security, SEO, sitemaps; anything you can think of probably has a plugin of some type or another.  I will address Plugins at another time.


Site Framework TutorialPages or Posts, each can be entered as you wish.  Reserve pages for your overreaching  topics and fill in the details with posts.  Posts can be categorized so that they are displayed with the topics on the pages if desired.  There are tutorials available inside WA to help you lay out your site framework and simplify the creation of your own site for your visitors.

Getting content written can be a blast, just pretend you are out with friends and you start chatting about your new online interest.  I bet you can chat for hours.  Writing is the fun part of this online stuff.

Take the plunge, get yourself online in no time at all.  You will be glad you did.

For a full set of tutorials on WordPress and online marketing, be sure to sign-up for your membership at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can get started for free, no credit card will be needed.

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