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Review Date: May 29, 2013
 DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating : 2/10

Dot Com Secrets X is a program that professes to help the new internet marketer to get online and earning an income in 30 days or less.

Russel Brunson has developed a system that will teach you to build a list and to market what he calls Solo Ads.  This is a system that does work quite well.  The problem being that this is a paid ad system.  For those just starting out with limited cash, this is not a viable solution to make money online.
Solo Ads are marketed by buying adspace on Google, Facebook or another system.  Each click will cost you money until you have found the right ad solution.
While you can make money using this system it is not free and has been designed to keep stringing you along as long as possible.


When you Google Make Money Online, guess what comes up first in the search results.

Yup, you guessed it dotcomsecrets, well actually you need to click on the first result which is someone promoting this product before you find it, but this is one of the first results you will find.

What is it and what does it do for you?

The Set-up

First things first, you will find yourself subjected to a young looking, fast talking promoter that does know a few things about pushing your hot buttons.  Russel Brunton is his name and he runs the site from somewhere in Idaho.

His promotion starts off with these points:

  • Ever wanted to work from home?
    • I think many of us would like to learn how to make a living online.  In fact, I do.  Not with this program.
  • Ever want your own business?
    • An online business can be a reality but does this scam artist really want to teach you how?
  • Ever want to work from home in your underwear?
    • I don’t know about you but, I like to wear clothes.  Waking up and showering just makes me ready to attack the day.  Yes, I could work in my underwear but this just doesn’t hold any attraction for me.
  • Ever want to work on the beach with your laptop?
    • Now this one I would like to do.  In fact, I have actually been online on the beach.  I think it took me a month to get the sand out of my keyboard and the glare of the sun on the screen gave me a headache.  While there are attractions to working on the beach, I hated being chained to my work while I was on vacation.  Now, I play when it is time and work when it is time.

As I listened to this presentation all I heard was SCAM.  He is selling a dream and it is a good dream, it is even possible to do what he is talking about.  Then he makes a fatal mistake.  He actually starts talking about how he does this.

The Connection

Lets step back and analyze his presentation a bit.  He’s still talking really fast.  Someone asked him if all the internet gurus are making all this money why don’t they offer their services for free and get paid when their students make money.   Well,  why don’t they…..

Its really quite simple.  They make their money from their students.  While they may have a good system, and I’m not saying this one is one of those, without paying members they don’t get paid.  There is only one place I know of that will actually let you get started without a credit card of some kind (read to the bottom of the page and I’ll introduce you to that community).

The Bottom Line

In fact, Mr. Brunson does allow you to have a starter membership almost free.  He will let you sign up for $1.00 for the first month.  This is a recurring membership.  The first month is a dollar, the second and subsequent months are $97.00.  He is counting on the fact that you don’t keep close track of your calendar and the billing will continue for at least the first month even if you want to stop.  Only when you see that credit card charge will you realize that you need to figure out how to cancel.  This is done through Clickbank in case you are wondering and not through his company.  A bit confusing?  This is done on purpose.

I could go on and on about the company’s poor billing practices but I hope you get the point. On top of those issues, the product that he is promoting won’t succeed without the network that he provides so once you are in, the system won’t stand on its own two feet.  The network that he has created keep you going.  The tutorials are spoon fed.  He says that this is so that you won’t be overwhelmed.  I found that it was another way to keep you with him past the first 30 days.  You are provided with just enough information to keep you interested and hopeful to allow the company to pull you into their web.

P.T. Barnum (there’s a sucker born every minute) would be proud.

I can continue but I will stop here.  This product is a scam of the highest caliber.  If you want to be convinced, the icing on the cake is when you try to leave there is an exit pop-up that ask you if you are sure you want to go.  Yup, you really do want to leave!

DotComSecretsRed Thumbs Down
Owner: Russel Brunson
Rating: 2/10
 DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating DotComSecrets Rating : 2/10
Final Review:  Scam- NOT RECOMMENDED

Recommended Program

There is a program that I highly recommend.  Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Free Zone.

Wealthy Affiliate Full Review

The community here is dedicated to helping YOU.  Not themselves.  In fact, the site is designed to help members with more experience help those that are just starting or have less experience with Internet Marketing.  If you are looking to start and online business, or even just want to see how much sand you actually get in your keyboard when working from the beach.  Give this place a look.  I costs NOTHING to join.  No Credit Card required.

Stop in, check it out, I’m sure you will be glad you did.Join Button


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