Why Goal Setting

Studies have shown that goals are a good way to make something come true for yourself.  Goal setting is a good place to start.  Set a target for yourself, write it down and review it frequently.  Make what you are doing measurable.  Identify your ultimate Goal, what will your life look like when you have succeeded for yourself.

Create Your Ultimate Goals

So lets start by setting some pie in the sky goals.  Choose 4 things that you would like to achieve.  These are your ultimate goals.  Dream big. Set no time limits.









Set Time Limits

Now, how are you going to achieve this?  Were your goals financial?  Where would you like to be

1.  In the next 30 days


2. In the next 60 days


3. Next year


Look at non-financial goals as well.  What would you like to learn, what are you going to do to get you to these goals?


1.  In the next 30 days.


2. In the next 60 days.


3. Int the next year.


Whew, that was a lot of work wasn’t it?  Goal setting can be fun or it can be a real chore.  It is hard to plan ahead when you don’t have the knowledge to make your goals complete.  Keep in mind that goals are an ongoing thing.  As you gain more information, your goals can be adjusted.  You can add or revise them.  The important thing is to have something to work toward.

 Set Your Short Term Goals

Now that your overall goals are set, decide on a set of things that you will accomplish in the next week.  Make these small things, focused on a specific task.  I like to use a task manager for this.  Most e-mail programs have a task bar included.  This is a good place to put them. If you have a white board use a segment of your white board to keep track of your tasks.

 Set Your Daily Tasks

Another important list is to keep track of your daily tasks.  Set yourself some small goals for the day.  These will help you to stay focused on what you need to do. Cross them off when you are done, renew the list at the end of the day and set your focus for tomorrow.Keeping track of your tasks will help you stay focused and make positive measurable progress with your online work.

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