Keyword ToolFor some reason, I can’t seem to move on with my site until I get this one off my chest.

Google Lies!

What I mean to say is that the Google results that you see are inflated over the actual result.  Here’s an example of what you might see for a Google Search result.

SERP Best Baby Jogging Stroller

In this example, Google indicates that there are 94,100 results for this term.  I think, in fact I know, that this number includes what Google calls the “similar” results.  Similar results are those that include the words in the search term but are not necessarily in the same order or together on the page.

To find the actual exact results, you need to page through the Google result pages until you reach the end of the results.  In the display below you would click on the 10 and continue to click on the last page until you reach the end.

SERP Best Baby Jogging Stroller Bottom of page

Eventually, with this term, you will reach page 27.

SERP Best Baby Jogging Stroller last page

This is what Google terms the most relevant results.  Rather than 94,100 results there are 266 results.  If you want to redo the search to include similar results you will find the 94,100 results from the initial search page.

It is apparent that it can be a lot of work to identify the number of competing sites that a specific term has by using the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).  There are alternative tools that are available for you to use.

The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool will give you accurate results and clicking on the “View Result” under the competition tab will do the last page of Google work for you.

WA Keyword tool Best Baby Jogging Stroller

As you can see the results are identical to the results from the previous technique.  One click and you are done.  It also provides additional terms that are related to your search.  These are additional keywords that you can include in your content to help your site rank for other similar terms and searches.  Free Starter members are allowed 30 searches per month so if you are on a shoestring and looking for a keyword tool that is accurate and free this is a good option. Premium members at WA get unlimited searches with this tool.

Another tool that is very good is Jaaxy.  This is a Premium tool that has a small monthly fee.This keyword tool has many more features and is well worth the small fee if you are doing lots of keyword research for a new site or have many sites that you are working on or client sites that need a special enhancement.  There is a free 30 search trial that you can use to get the feel of this tool if you are so inclined.

Jaaxy Best Baby Jogging Stroller

This result shows the same term from above searched in Jaaxy.  The results differ a bit as Jaaxy pulls results from all of the search engines and not just Google.

If you have any questions about these keyword tools, please leave a comment below.

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