Today, when I checked my email, I had an email from Jeremy Rush.  He’s promoting a system called the Guaranteed Signups System.  I needed to check out and see what this was all about.  So, I ran his video and was completely appalled by what he is offering to people for $99. I know there’s a lot of junk out there on the Internet, this falls under that category. Stick with me for a little bit and I will provide you with the Guaranteed Signups System review.

guaranteed signups system review

Would you trust this guy? I would NOT!

Guaranteed Signups System Review

Author: Craig Hughes
Reviewed: March 31, 2016

Overall Ranking: 1/10

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Premium: $99 two payments of $49 and $50
Owners: Jeremy Rush

What is Guaranteed Signups System

When I can tell guaranteed sign-up system is a modification on yet another pyramid scheme.  In this case, he wants you to buy into his system for $49.  This initial $49 goes into having their system promote your business.  He never really goes into what it is your business is.  My assumption is that you’re promoting his product to other people and he’s helping you to do this by promoting you through pay per click at your cost.  That’s awfully nice of him.  He only guarantees three sign-ups from your initial $49 and then it’s up to you to continue the promotion.

To continue the promotion is another $50 for a grand total of $99.  I can think of some much better ways to spend that money.If I look a little more closely.  I find that what he’s doing is the steering people to Zukul. Zukul is a software product that makes it easy for people to create landing pages and ads. Each level has a different buy-in.  So essentially what you’re doing is purchasing a way to get into something that you can purchase.   This sounds like a pretty scammy situation to me.

The products inside this Zukul product are all about creating landing pages and promotions inside Facebook or LinkedIn or various other places.  He set up his own sponsored posts which people will either pay for or provide likes and other promotions for the other people in his system.  The bottom line is, he’s all about using the system to scam other people.

Who is this Guy Jeremy Rush

I looked into Jeremy Rush’s previous products. Most of them are landing page creators or various other minor tools that will provide one piece of the Internet puzzle.  If you want to embrace the scammer lifestyle using his products will probably get you well entrenched in that.

What you’re doing is promoting his products to other people.  So basically this is an affiliate program you need to buy into.  When there are so many affiliate programs that require no investment, why would you go with something that you actually have to pay into to make money?

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Why Would I Use Guaranteed Signups System

I think what I’m saying here is that I would not under any circumstances use the guaranteed sign-up system.  I learned long ago to stay very, very far away from pyramid schemes of any kind.  Eventually, the pyramid breaks down and everyone either loses money or gives up and goes home.

Having looked at the previous products that Jeremy Rush has provided, and finding that there are no longer available, he has ruined any trust factor that he seemed to have.  Although looking at his promotions,  they don’t garner a lot of trust in the first place.

This guy is all about the hype and getting people in, there isn’t any support once you’re there.

What Are the Pros for Guaranteed Signups System

I searched long and hard for any pros for this guaranteed sign-up system.  I didn’t find any, not a one.

What are the Cons for Guaranteed Signups System

To start with.  It’s a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme relies on bringing people in at the lower levels so the people at the upper levels can make money.  Typically the people at the very top of the pyramid are the ones that make money.  You are not coming in at the top. 

The products that he promotes are questionable at best and outright illegal at worst.  The guaranteed sign-up system is currently flying under the radar.  It doesn’t make enough money to make it a prime target for regulators.  With our  current business climate outright scams such as these are often allowed to go on much longer than they should.


You Want Traffic and Signups Without Getting Scammed!

There is a legitimate way to make money online.  This system is not it.  Buying a system that promotes itself is not a good way to make money long-term.  You may make some money.  With the Guaranteed Signups System, you will certainly make money for Jeremy Rush, your payout, however, may be much harder to find.

Learning to earn a long-term online income comes down to a solid education in the art of online promotion.  A community that cares to provide this training is essential to creating a solid foundation of skills.  Instead of building your income on rented land as they have you do with single page landing pages, you need to create an authoritative presence.  Market it with good intentions and connect with your readers.  All of this is taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with training that can be applied to any business.  If you have an offline business, creating an online presence will help you bring customers through the door.  If you business is completely online, there is training that will help you to connect with your audience and create long standing relationships that will lead to trust and good rapport.  Multiple sales are commonplace when you have a good relationship.

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