Getting your site found by the Search Engines is not hard.  It takes just a few steps to add a website to the search engines.  This is called Indexing.  If you have an established site, indexing is almost automatic but if your site is new you will want to do a few things to get it found.

Webmaster Tools

There are three big search engines.  Google is the largest, Bing and Yahoo are the next in line and many others have a tiny part of the remaining searches.  Bing and Yahoo are currently joined by an agreement so to get indexed on these two only requires one process.  Google requires another.  What you will be doing is verifying your website on the search engine webmaster tools.


Google LogoCreate a Google Account

First, you will need a Google Account.  If you have a Gmail address you have already done this step.  If not, create a Gmail account for yourself or your company.

Create a Google Analytics Account

To make your life easier and to facilitate your verification process, you will want to set up a Google Analytics account.

Go to this URL and set up an account.  While in Google Analytics you will want to set up tracking for your site.  I will cover this in another tutorial as it is a bit more involved than I want to cover here.   You will want to have this done before the next step.

Create a Google Webmaster Tools Account

While you are at it, Create a Google Webmaster Tools account and add your site to the Google Webmaster Tools page.

Create A Sitemap

Next, we need to create a sitemap on our website.  If you are using WordPress, this is simply a matter of adding a plugin called “Google XML Sitemaps”.  Once installed activate the plugin and go to the settings tab.  This will open a window, scroll down and you will find the URL for the sitemap.  Copy this and paste it into the Google Webmaster Tools under the Sitemaps tab.

Verify Your Site in Google Webmaster Tools

Finally, we will want to verify the site in Google Webmaster tools.  There are 3 ways to do this.  I have never succeeded with 2 of these but using Google Analytics to verify the site has never failed for me.  So, choose the Google Analytics option and follow the directions to verify your site in Google Webmaster Tools.

Whew.  I hope those instructions weren’t too difficult.  If you have done this before, it will take you about 10 minutes but can be a bit frustrating the first time.


bingCreate a Microsoft Account

To verify your site with Bing, you simply need to upload the same sitemap that you created for the Google.

As Bing is a Microsoft product, you will first need to create an account with them.

Go to this site and create an account

Create Your Site Account

Once there, add your site in the top window and follow the directions to verify using your sitemap.

Final Thoughts

The process I have shown you here will help you get indexed in the search engines.  This does not mean that you will rank at the top of the search engines.  All this does is notify the search engines that your site is on the internet and that they should look at what you are doing on the web.

To get your site to rank, you will need to provide good relevant content for your readers.  This is done by researching good keywords that have good search volume and low competition.  Writing your content around these key phrases and helping your readers to solve their problem will go a long way to moving your site up in the rankings.  Once your site ranks, you will see an increase in visitors and very likely will be able to monetize your site.

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