Page RankIf you would like to have a successful website, you need to be able to rank your site in the search engines. Many people think that you can pick a keyword, write some content around that term and be able to rank in Google for that term.

Often what happens is that the search term you choose is not actually the one that you rank for. Google looks at what people are using to reach your site if that is the term that you have chosen that is just fine. Many times people will find your site through a different term.

Connecting your site to Google Analytics will provide you with the keywords that people are actually using to reach your site. You can look at those (there will be more than one) terms and decide if you need to follow through on these keywords by writing more content around these new keywords.
Here is a video by Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Spam Department that illustrates these concepts.

If you would like to focus on specific keywords to get your site or page ranked, there are a few things to look at. A good keyword tool, such as the one found at Wealthy Affiliate, will provide a relative competition. This is known as KQI (Keyword Quality Index)or QSR (Quoted Search Results). Checking a keyword tool will provide you with a number of Monthly searches and the competition or number of sites that are competing with you for this term.

The Google AdWords tool provides inflated numbers but using guidelines of at least 100,000 searches and competition lower than 10,000 should give you a term that is able to rank. More focused keyword tools such as Jaaxy and the WA keyword tool strip the inflated numbers down to the actual results. These tools have competition numbers that should be kept below 300 competing sites.

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