Keyword ResearchPick a niche, any niche, OK put it back in the deck…. Oh wait, that’s a card trick I have been working on.

Have you been wondering how to find a profitable niche keyword? Maybe you are trying to determine a profitable niche?

I’m here to tell you that any niche can be profitable. Some are more profitable than others, some turn a profit and then something happens and the income dries up.  Others just hit the audience and go viral.

The best way to determine a consistent earner is to choose something in the Evergreen Niches.  No I’m not talking about trees.  I’m talking about the things that people are constantly thinking about.  These can be roughly classified as Health, Wealth and Happiness.  Choose something that connects with these niches and you should have a ready audience that will always want what you are promoting.

I’m not really here to talk about finding a niche this time.  My purpose here is to discuss how to find a good keyword. A keyword that is able to rank in your chosen niche and get ranked on the first page of Google where it will be seen by the people looking for your topic.

Keyword Search with Google InstantLet’s say you have a topic, for demonstration purposes, I’ll use the title of my post.  My first task is to see what Google can tell me with the Google instant tool. I typed in “How to find a good ke”  And Google finds the term How to find a good Keyword and offers additional choices. One is the one I want, so I select and copy it and take the term over to Jaaxy for additional information.  It looks like several other terms might be useful in some of my other sites.

Jaaxy Keyword Search for good keyword

When we look at the results in the Jaaxy keyword tool I see a few terms that have good Keyword Quality Index (KQI) but when I look at the Monthly searches they appear to be quite poor.   The last term with good KQI has a fair number of searches but is difficult to use in a page or article.  I like the Quoted Search Results (QSR or the competition) for the 3 terms as I use a 350 top end for this term to guarantee that I can reach the top of the page rankings.  Without traffic, they are pretty much useless.

So I tried the term with a few modifications and got the following results.

Jaaxy Keyword Search for profitable keyword

All three of these results are good keywords,  the last being better for traffic volume but the first is absolutely amazing for competition.  The first term has 7 competing sites for the exact term chosen.  In a short period of time, this term should be able to attract a significant percentage of the traffic.  If you are able to use variations of all of these terms in your content, you have a good chance to increase your visitors by a significant amount.

To recap, use Google Instant to identify terms that are highly searched.  Use Jaaxy to check the terms that you locate with Google instant to find terms that are related to the Google results.  A good term has more than 100 searches per month and a competition below 350 QSR. More searches are better and lower competition will make a term easier to rank.

If you would like to give Jaaxy a try click on the box below and enter a search term.

I hope this discussion has helped you to understand the keyword search process a bit.  If you have any questions please comment below and I will do my best to provide you an answer.

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